Want Tricks On Bottom when fishing for bass. We targeted some fish in a super clear lake collaborating with AlaBassinTV fishing for spotted bass on Smith Lake! It was quite a day using drop shot lures and bladed baits – all great presentations to trick bass on the bottom. The key turned out to be a morning dawn pink plastic worm!!! Dragging and shaking the worm through brush and on ledges was key on super light fishing line.

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Roboworm (pink color) Morning Dawn

My graphs and GPS

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Daniel O'Mary says:

If your drain plug is froze just back the boat in the water far enough for the plug to go under sit for a few seconds then pull back up and put the plug in and your ready to go


Mikeybalzz is my drug of choice

Douglas Blacksill says:

Pink and purple are spotted bass killers.

alonzo476 says:

Tip = When you’re drain plug hole is frozen ” piss on it”. Really !

Billy Haney says:

Mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee another great vid

Glancy Outdoors says:

I would kill for 32 and open water lol. But tip for launching your boat in cold water. Be respectful of the people coming after you don’t get the boat on and pull straight up try to let some of the water get off at the very bottom where your truck wheels won’t be. Can’t tell you how many times people have left the launch all Iced over and couldn’t launch.

Nathan Bruns says:

I have never tried drop shoting. Gone need to buy some gear I guess!

ken knutson says:

So the other day my 25 year old son And I were driving on way to lake to go fishing and while we were driving the two hours my son decided to watch some YouTube fishing videos on his phone. He played through a few and then I mentioned “have you watched the “”Milky Ballz”” channel?” He said “oh you mean Mikey Balzz?” Dude … I turned beet red because I realized that with my aging eyes your name looked like “milky” !! When I said it out loud it sounded like a porn star name! :/ I told him yes that’s what I meant and didn’t say any more about it other than talk about how good your channel is. Ugh. So embarrassing!

Steve Basinger Fishing says:

I’m just ecstatic to see you fishing in the cold and not catching giant bass every time. It’s nice to see that you’re human like the rest of us.

BassFool69 says:

Mikey, you know the rule, don’t leave fish to find fish. Glad your getting dialed in

C Bach says:

Love your new Intro!

Logan Hamilton says:

I fish for Hayden fishing team and fish all the lakes in Alabama we should go fishing sometime

Goat Plunkett says:

Get it dude!

Justin Tomlinson says:

Hmu on that email ill send u a pic of the big belly spotted bass I caught this morning on Hartwell

Bravo Bassin says:

how are you liking the new place and the new fishing holes?

johnny wishbone says:

good stuff, makes me want to get my boat out and go here in tho O H!!

B.J. Harris says:

Love your videos sir and I’m so glad that you moved to alabama sir that is so crazy hope the fishing has been great for you I hope one day I could run into to would love to meet you I live here in alabama I live in hayden it is great place and just wanting to say thanks for all you do sir thanks

John Herrera says:

Bruh the fact that you live in hville maked me want to run into you so bad lol

ItsAzazell says:

Leave it to the california guy to put mikey on the morning dawn !

Nate Perry says:

Best drop shot color I ever used.morning dawn

Kevin Grace says:

Just another great vid, thanks Mikey.

Jon Engels says:

Sick vid as always! Way to show em you can catch year round! Quick question whats that green rod on your deck at the begging of the vid? Locks sick

Benjamin Nowak says:

More blades on the way man! Sweet to see you learning brand new lakes! Awesome video as always

Chris King Outdoors says:

Great vid big dawg!! The new bass cave is lookin’ pretty fresh!

Sunny W says:

Glad your having a great time in Alabama 🙂 Exc video Mike.

Edwards Brothers says:

Make a gville video before you leave

johnny wishbone says:

lol @ bog!!

Thebassinkid. says:

Man I can’t wait to get down to TN soon, remember if your ever in TN go to Lake Ocoee also called Parksville lake, 7 lb bama spots are lurking and it’s full of big spots, and I first fished a drop shot when I was 13 expect I didn’t have the funds to get the specific terminal tackle, so I’d pin a bullet weight in place with two split shots on the tag end

Gambler Lures says:

Cool collaboration! Looks like Jacen had the touch!

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