Trick Worm Tips for Bass Fishing Never Revealed – Until Now!

Unique tricks for floating worms revealed for the first time ever! These are original trick worm techniques others will copy! Nobody has made a video like this until now. Proven to work all season long!

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BassGeek says:

Good info. I use those things all the time almost won the first tournament I ever fished on a floating worm.

Ian Cameron says:

Who makes these floating worms and were can you buy them

Dewayne Atwell says:

Love it! Can’t wait to try this. Thanks.

Donald Ledet says:

will try these in a few days.

michael todd says:

Thanks for the tips. Definitely going to have to use a floating worm more.

Frank Malek says:

Good tips. I don’t often use trick worms or similar only because I have success on other presentations. I will add this presentation to my fishin techniques tho for another way to outsmart those sneaky bass….

J BERG says:

Great technique! Just watching the idea made me think of different other variations I could try! Great job Glenn

Robert Stone says:

Fantastic idea. Can’t wait to try it

larry stokes says:

Love fishing a floating worm, they don’t see it that often so it works pretty good.

Clyde Young says:

Love fishing these especially around shallower cover

rpb1961 says:

I hook the worm so it has a curve at the hook. I can walk the dog. It’s not hooked straight. Great action for top water or count to 10 and let it sink slowly. Good video thanks

Rex Mason says:

some parts of this video are difficult for some of us to see, i.e showing the swivel and some portions of setting up the hook. I suggest concentrating on your video background when showing closeups.
I started fishing a weightless worm in East Texas in the mid-1960s, but this old dog welcomes new tricks. Will try this on some other locations whenever I have the opportunity.

larry stokes says:

Love fishing a floating worm, they don’t see it that often so it works pretty good.

USfyre says:

nice helpful advice

Will Price says:

Wow i have never seen it rigged like this before! This is great and i will definitely give it a try this week!!! Thanks

Durward Stotts says:

Great information as always. Can’t wait to give this a try.

David Broussard says:

I must admit the action in the water is very impressive. How has this technique been kept quiet so long.

Bustin' Bass says:

How crazy. I was fishing a fluke and went through an entire bag, but I wanted to keep the action the same. Did something very similar with bubblegum colored trick worms

BassinwithBoginski Bogin says:

Yup cant say ive ever fished a floating worm that way. Ill give it a try this sat lol

Disciple says:

Learn something new every day

Richard Lucas says:

Great video. I like fishing plastic worms and this is an awesome technique to add to my skills.

Jerry Glenn says:

Have not seen a rigging like this. With copolymer leader you still think braid affects bites? Seems to me like braid does not twist as much with or without swivel.

Austin Hunt says:

I have to disagree with the way u rig it because if u rig it like a normal texas rig worm it has way better action than the way u use it but it works a lot better when it’s completely straight in my opinion and me and my daddy have been using floating worms for years and have caught a lot of bass on them

Jacob Cacek says:

I would’ve never thought to enter the hook just under the head of the bait. It makes perfect sense, I just wouldn’t have thought of it. Thanks so much for the great video!

Get'Em says:

Its called fly line! Lol

Texas Papa says:

Awesome technique.

Mikael Ranta Outdoors says:

Never tried floating worms. Thanks for the tip

Adam Galiard says:

Great action and weedless, can’t wait to try it!

Derek Miguel says:

Awesome technique!!! Great amount of information

Smileyman says:

Kinks and bends are good ! Thanks for posting this I have just started using Zmann baits !

the Marquistador says:

a weightless Senko is hard to beat, but the trick worms durability is WAY better. Trick worm is my go to for shakey heads and texas rigs, i’ll try weightless (especially in the white). interesting rigging technique, does that have a name? String theory rig

Paul Tiffany says:

Love the randomness and the pegging with this mono.

Jobuck66 says:

Love it. I’m going to try this. I’ve never tried a white worm. And I’ve never floated one either, I have the perfect place to try it. Great video thanks.

Gilberto Arroyo says:

This is my go to rigging method but I like the idea about not hooking it dead center in the nose of the bait … I’ll give it a shot next time!

John Rusinko says:

Thanks for the great tip

Mike Farnell says:

Great new rig! Best part is it’s everything I already have! Thanks!

Troy Hendricks says:

Doesn’t a fluke do pretty much the same thing?

Fit Together says:

This is awesome. Weightless worm fishing is tough for me because it’s so slow. I will be trying this the next time out.

Big Mike says:

I rig something up similar with a 6” senko but never used the swivel I’ll have to try it out. Thanks!

Rusty Smith says:

Pretty slick. As my daddy always used to say; if I was a fish, I’d bite that!!

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