Topwater Tip #5 For Bass Fishing: How to Fish a Popper

Alex Rudd demonstrates how to fish topwater for summer bass using the BD Series Popper. He breaks it down into rigging, retrieval and location.


Spazwack G says:

Do you use sinkers ?

RocketBurn11 says:

Background music sounds like a car alarm going off and it’s driving me crazy!

Anthony Wynn says:

best video I have come across having spent and hour looking at other videos. thank you for all the good information

Santiago Rodriguez says:

How can i cast the popper since it basically ways nothing! Any advice, i want to learn to cast it far although it is light??

islana87 THE ANGLERS says:

Just talk no fish idiot

Old Dominion Angler says:

Love the three part breakdown! Very engaging. I’m gonna fish more poppers for sure! Thanks’

cotypt145 john 3:3 says:

A lot of times I pop them to where they make that noise and let them sit for a second 8 times out of 10 they hit while it’s sitting still

Teddy's Fishing adventures says:

Subscribe to me for fishing videos

Castinger Pemula says:

Nice lure for catch bass

Reece634 says:

theres a hula popper in my toilet

Trace Dixon says:

How do you use a baitcaster

Nick Miller says:

Is there a specific knot that is recommended if so please tell me thx

Brad Johnson says:

Popper, I use a spinning outfit. Baitcasters are too muscular.

OPERATION:crazy says:

Just an fyi for new fishermen, everything he stated for equipment needed is not entirely true you can use anything you want, he is right on fluorocarbon though do not use that. Either way I use 8 lb line on my popper and it works just fine with about a 6 foot rod idk exact.

artao5 says:

JESUS! Why are people using such heavy line? I almost always fish 8lb mono, unless I’m fishing heavy weeds and lily pads, in which case I use 12lb braid. Never have a line break unless I get a northern that bites it off. JEEZ!

Kevin Young says:

7ft med fast works great for me on a 6.2 reel I mostly jerkbait fish so it’s awesome it’s an almost ideal set up for poppers

PitbullV6 says:

How do you cast that popper so far? I put everything I can into the cast and it only goes MAYBE 25-30ft. I thought it was just too light

Roger Sham says:

Nice tips on popper lure

Ngawil Pay joss says:

Good mr

Zacary Dunne says:

Hahaha I use 8lb floro

T Nap says:

Ok, Mono or Braid. But what about fishing waters that have nasty toothy critters? Like Pike or pickerel? What should one use for a leader if specifically targeting those species?

David Lewis says:

Thanks , I need all the help I can get .

andrea Lo nano says:

guys can i buy one box… i live in italy

Michael Jones says:

Where did you get your cap?

blue widow says:

I never knew Sasquatch knew how to fish

Noe Parrales Parrales mayorga says:


Menton mountan says:

Yesterday a crappie hit my gary Yamamoto shibiki popper

alex martinez says:

I love poppers

Buck Shot says:

I have best luck with the pop r throwing up against seawalls or ballkeds.

Rajesh Sharma says:

I know most bass fishermen like to use bait casters but can u do a video or include spinning rods setup thank you I’m just beginning great video

Solar says:

I caught my second best bass on 2lb line don’t remember what kinda line I just know it was 2lb and a little panfish rod

Dap 99 Neo says:

Thumbs down

Wayne Slusser says:

I am currently using a popper and I wanted to learn how to use it and I think this video helped me alot and I give a thanks to u

VA3DLO says:

love this video love how he shows how the poppers accurately work and how they make water spin… great video ..

Octavio Fuentes says:

thank you very much for the tips my man

Doug Yates says:

Thanks for the info, bro! Happy fishing.

AFishBicycle says:

110 fish disliked this

WH1TEN0IZE says:

Thanks for the tips! Love these videos, makes it really easy to learn

Jenesis Fushing says:

Thank fir the tips needed you

David Lafond says:

Great video man! Good info really appreciate it!

Bagwell Fishing says:

Bass fishing is my favorite

Opedi Felix says:

Talk too much..

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