Top Three Fishing Hacks! – Simple & Sweet

In this video I demonstrate my top three fishing hacks. The first fishing hack consist of utilizing a dental floss container to hold your hook while you synch down your knots, you can then conveniently use the cutter to trim your tags. The second fishing hack involves using a wood handle/stick and a couple of bottle caps to make the perfect fish descaler. This really comes in handy for you pan fisherman. The best part is it only takes a few minutes and cost next to nothing to make. Last but not least, the third hack consist of using a safety pin to make a new rod tip, we have all broken a rod tip at one point or another, this hack will show you how you can quickly and cheaply fix the tip so you don’t lose any time on the water. IF you enjoyed this video, please be sure to give a thumbs up, subscribe and comment below. Thank you!

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Joshua Taylor says:

Check out my three simple fishing hacks video:

Show some love and hit that like button. 😉

علي الجيزاني says:


Mark Collins says:

like the floss hook tie cheaper than the hook eze

debeyes says:

I Like the 3rd tip best ….Top tip!!!!

Raymond Sol Cruz says:

The third one was great.. my broken rod,s tip is now functional.. Thanks

bskarratt crazy rc says:

some really good fishing hacks here I will definitely keep then in mind

Kelvin Greene says:

Home Run Hacks. Thanks

Roshan Roshu says:

Super hacks thx can anyone give me a fishing challenge pls

boul justin says:

What is the second hack ?

Kipper White says:

#3 I use small amt of eletrical tape but can C value of the wrapping also TY 4 video

Mujahid Jafri says:

your clever Man. sorted out my broker tip issue. thanks

John Smith says:

that’s exactly why you need a paper ballot so we keep Republicans in

Jim Dodson says:

Easiest and quickest way I found to scale fish, is to use a drill with a good sized bit. Hold the drill upside down and flip it in reverse. The scales fly off in no time.

386. Jay says:

3rd Tip in this video was a life saver thank u a milli @joshuaTaylor

Electrical Solution says:

Nice video

علي الجيزاني says:


Wilfredo Perdomo says:

Very very goog. Thanks

Toomy Punthaluck says:


Echo Marie says:

#1 I have no problems ever tying my hook on because I’m an everyday fisherman.
#2 Walmart has a pretty decent fish scaler (better than bottle caps) for $1
#3 because I fish I have a cheap tip fixing kit on me most of the time before I’ll have a safety pin and string on me lol xD

ye kutte ka pilla hai kejriwal utkal says:


Pam's Great Outdoors Adventures says:

wow thanks for sharing comes in handy my daughter just broke her rod.

conner Pajak says:

Thank you so much they helped a lot

MegaViper 01 says:

just saved me a bunch of time fixing my pole, now i don’t have to run to bass pro and get a rod tip! thanks man.

Keyton Davison says:

For the first hack they make stuff for that I have two

vincent shin says:

great ideas!!!

lunkertime says:

what type of plyers are those i like the cutters on the outside great design

Joe Anthony says:

Josh, man…, your gonna save me a lot of time and money on repairing these fishingpole tips. I have at 4 I’m gonna repair. Thank you ma man! Tight lines never stop! Hope you and yours had a great Christmas..

JaimeAstin says:

#3 for the win! I have rigged emergency eye guides many ways… But this is the best

Andrew Edwards says:

Man you all or great with good tips.

Osvaldo Roberto says:


TNS Teen, Nutrition, and Sports says:

The fish scaler hack looks really good but I feel like the bottle caps would wear out fast, is there are stronger alternative?

Jedediah Hoffman says:

First hack was very cool, but I think if you could also do a decent leader spool tgat would be pretty handy

John Smith says:

when you vote ask for a paper ballot

Blade FPV says:

I tried the third one literally 3 seconds ago.
Great content

LeoTheLobster says:


Tplok Bigs says:

401st comment the biggest one

Sergej Nadaždin says:

Scalty sales

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