TOP 6 Spring Bass Fishing Techniques You NEED to Try!!!

Today I’m going over my TOP 6 spring bass fishing tips and techniques!!!

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David J Scalf says:

I want to see more tips videos.

Alfredo BM Aprendiendo a pescar says:

I’m a beginner and this videos are great help, thanks for sharing and regards from Saltillo, Mexico.

blake loy says:

Hey go and subscribe to my man NC bassin. Help him reach 1000 subs.

Eastern Pa Fishing says:

That Jointed Frog was so goofy looking! LOL!!

Extreme fishing Squad says:

Yum dinger orange works great too

kerrya120 says:

I was in academy in Dothan last night. Was disappointed they didn’t have the mondo worms. I settled for a 10 inch power bait worm instead.

Adam Gregory says:

can’t wait to watch this one. (waiting on subtitle/caption to come on….I am deaf). chatter bait white/chartreuse with white swim fluke and dark green cinco on wacky rig was slaying bass yesterday (caught over 20 in 3 hours) here in NC 58-61 outside temp and maybe 45-50 water temp with cloudy/ little sunny. I love to learn more tips and techniques. keep it up brother!!

Brambo500 op de Ps4 says:

Foor fiching

mr.Newman says:

Walmart has a new mystery tackle box can you do a video challenge on it if you find it please

Nix Fishing says:

Little 7.5 inch worms have worked really well lately up shallow!! says:

Who wants to see more TIPS & TECHNIQUES videos???

Jess Wu says:

Are you by the lake Seminole area ??Just found you by the fishbrain.. Lol

dire wolf says:

Always helpful always learning from you

Daniel Ferrer says:

Thank you Lojo very helpful tips

Marlo J says:

Hell LoJo, so my husband and I have the perfect challenge for you!!! Yes we love seeing all of the updated lures on the market, but what we’d really love to see and think would be a great challenge for you ; would be to use lures that would be from grandpa’s old style lures that he used in his tackle box!!!! So would you be up for a challenge like this?!!! Love the channel my husband and I are new subscribers and can’t wait to see more from you!!!

cody Russell says:

Just recently found your channel and really enjoying it. Nice to know I’m not the only one with a big ginger beard haha. Been nailing the fish in Iowa through the ice but I’m ready for open water fishing.

isaiah dodson says:

Bubblegum pink cranks and worms have always smashed smallies for me. Methiolate (bright orange) has smashed largies for me

Kane's Outdoors says:

You should compare the most expensive chatter bait to the cheapest chatter bait in Academy

Richard Turner says:

Hey lojo fishing where do you get googan baits from

v0d3r says:

$5 for Zoom baits?! That’s ridiculously overpriced.

grayson schrader says:

i was out recently at a small ish communtiy pond and the temp was a good about 65-75 degrees and water clearity was pretty good. from the bank you could see about 4-6 feet in. i used a drop shot with a black and grey zoom drop shot worm and caught 4 pretty decent bass. i have a question for Logo, if Im fishing around this time a year, what would be the best best best bait to use in 75-80 degree temp?

Gregred78 says:

I wish we had Academy up here in Washington state, we currently only have BPS and Sportsman Warehouse! Every thing tackle at BPS is strike king and pro shops brands!

Doug Kichman says:

I fished my entire life with mono, but I decided to try braid-leader this year for all 3 of the rods I’ll be using. There are a lot of examples of which lb test to use in various techniques. I kept my decision simple by choosing braid with the same diameter as the mono it replaced.

AcidburnZ23 says:

Your good at what you do bro. Entertaining and nicely done

Jesse 23 says:

Thanks for the info really appreciate it

Cody says:

Have you done a challenger where you take a bunch of craws or worms or pretty much any soft plastic baits of the same creature and see what one works the best?

fishing with Chris 101 says:

Thanks for this video

Rolando Castro says:

That was awesome!! Great tips , I really appreciate your input

freshwaterfishing GA says:

I lost my PB on a lizard 8lb

Ruin Gamer says:

Did 14:48 did u mean bass fishing classic or text me for location so I can see u

DST-Scar Gaming says:

You live in Florida you can fish yearlong I can’t there is still snow on the ground where I live

James Bowens says:

I got to throw this in there don’t throw any creature bait on a straight shank worm hook use the ewg there to thick to get a hook set on with a straight shank hook you’ll miss way too many fish on a straight Shank

4ward outdoors says:

Yes please

Tony Gardner says:

Yous only catfish bate as a chilinch

Jason the hog hunter Gorzkowski says:

Everything you had put your hands on in this video is in my boxes lol. And some… also like the z-craw

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