Top 5 Summer Bass Fishing Lures!! Tips & Tricks

If you have every struggled choosing baits for summer bass fishing, look no further than this video! I explain my favorite baits for hot summer bass fishing! If you liked this video, or have any questions, shoot em down in the comments section below! Thanks and SUBSCRIBE!

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Bruce Wayne says:

11 and a half to 12 inches long, that’s almost as big as my dick!

Nick Cavazos says:

not a fan of top anything videos because that limits the process of figuring out what they want. every hour of every body of water is different. so instead of a top 5, I think a favorite 5 for summer is better

Grayson Chasteen says:

The big worm imitate a snake

Midwest Angling says:


NorthStarFishing says:

I suck at catching bass on jigs…any suggestions?

Sunny Xiong says:

fish aren’t always deep . there’s pads and lay down hold bass! you miss alot of things and whoever doesn’t know that watch this video will be misinform

Addicted Angler says:

i swap those big swim baits to top water frog 😀

Zachary Elias says:

Like comment if you think TylersReelFishing should go Muskie fishing

Fishing The West says:

Where do u get the lures

Dman243243 says:

Great tips!

Bass Buster says:

What about the frog ?

dillon smith says:

when did you get married?

Timmy's Outdoor Adventures says:

I’ve caught fish smaller than that swimbait

Ark fishing says:

Tyler, That 12 inch soft plastic purple worms looks like a baby snake to those Bass, that is why they like eating them! I use catch them on Doug Hannon’s Original Fishing Snake, was a great lure, but getting hard to find these days.


love this vid dude thanks!!

Alex Banda says:

Who else thinks he should be a Googan ?

LimeGreen_PvP says:

are you married?

Stephen Yago says:

Tyler, I’m only 12 and I don’t have an income do you know of any cheaper swim baits

Estefan Ballesteros says:

if any one needs to know how to fix a reel or tune a reel go see my latest video

Ryan Holstein says:

What should u use with a spinning rod? The same lures

Robbie Boz says:

Great stuff Tyler.. I really enjoy your channel…. Keep ’em comin’…..

David Budke says:

Tyler I also am going port O’Connor this weekend for some you and all of your viewers find a dude named Pat Lester if you go to the POC the dude knows his stuff!

Army_Outdoors 88N says:

awesome and informative video bro

Brandon Shambour says:

I am sure your parents bought u all that stuff

Ronnie Clark Street says:

summer means topwater…. and topwater makes me happy!

King Of The Fish says:


David Budke says:

Thanks Tyler I’m having fishing tourment with my friends in a bit. Also after school ends( June 1 for me) I get to fish the frio river hoping for some of our state fish!

Nick Bullard says:

Hey Tyler! This video is going to help me a whole lot. I’m going to lake Buchanan the first week of June and have no clue how to fish it

JeffStorm says:

I’m sorry, the Gary Yamamoto 5 inch black worm is the best bait of all time.

Phaze Gaming says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but baitcasters u use for crankbaits and top water frogs and occasionally jigs and spinning reels are for a finess approach with soft plastics

Kaleb Serhus says:

How can i get in contact with you? i used to fish tournaments around texas but no longer have a boat. Im in the lake travis area and would love to fish with you. I can give you money to for your time.

Kendall Gray says:

I have a feeling someone is sponsored by V&M lol

FictionalPenguin says:

you out on lake bryan?

Jeff Uber says:

have you ever tried the Bass Smasher swim bait ?

Atchafalaya Outdoors says:

Would the flipping jig from v&m work in the deep also cause i just ordered some hoping it would work for both

Vlog Bros says:

I have a deep crank and I keep realing in but I still gets on the bottom

MooMoo Outdoors says:

Good tip. Thanks.

Sergio Alvarez says:

keep up the great work

Viseth Phaisan says:

Are these tips and baits for winter bluegill ?

Zachary Elias says:

Really liked your video thx for the tips

Isaac Pelletier says:

100% agree with the big worms.

Nathan Armentrout says:

Deplorable pepe

Briana Dear says:

I have a bass meet Saturday and I went pre fishing and the fish didn’t seem to bite in the north or south. I tried in the deep and shallow but only caught 2 bass . I used crank baits, rattle trap and stick baits. And run its close to fall. Am I doing something wrong ?


Nice video, well spoken,,

Stephen Yago says:

I already do that but I don’t get paid

babadeedee says:

You forgot to show the French fry lure. Bass really like to eat those when they are chilling out on the couch. 😉

Aj Settle says:

Boi u do t know wat u are talking long about y are we spos to listen to a damn 17 year old boy to know how to fish

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