Top 5 Pond Fishing Lures! Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks

If you have every struggled choosing baits for bass fishing in your local ponds, look no further than this video! I explain my favorite baits for pond fishing all around the country! If you liked this video, or have any questions, shoot em down in the comments section below! Thanks and SUBSCRIBE!

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David Budke says:

Don’t tell me theirs not another I see right now as I watch this one

Ty Smoot says:

Bomb video man keep it up

Jack Daniel's says:

I catch big bass on yum senkos (forgot how to spell it don’t know if it is right) watermelon red and it work wonderfully.

angrywolf pack says:

do creek lures

TheCrazySportsGuys says:

The Andrew flair part was so true

Kendall Gray says:

Very true about the flukes. Ever sence the senko craze has went on everyone is focused on them. As for flukes they’re always in stock now and getting cheaper everyday!

Cameron Smith says:

Who is the tournament winner

Ejquiqui says:

What big im fishing in a 6ft or so clear watered pond/lake?
There are mostly rainbow trout and large mouth bass. What lure do i use?

Ab Bassin says:

Top 5 flood water bates

GreenGhostMan says:

Good video. Keep doing top 5 videos.

Rss Gamer says:

HI mr. The Coachee

Zachary Guerra says:

Do you have merchandise and if so how can we buy it

David Budke says:

My bad but my iPad did show the same one while I was watching don’t know why sorry!

Eddie Rodriguez says:

man I need to go fishing.

Nolan Andrews says:

What kind of microphone do you use for your Gopro??

Estefan Ballesteros says:

if any one needs to know how to fix a reel or tune a reel go see my latest video

MLA ATX says:

:06 “oh, a fish just jumped!” LOL

BM Fishin says:

Love these vids. Keep up the good work

Kyle Sirokman says:

I don’t know man. I would rather have a popper than a spook. To each their own. Good list Tyler.

Greg Holmes says:

Haha all I need to do is look at the thumbnail and now I know the top 5 and don’t have to watch the video

Jacks Fishing says:

Great tips. I try to fish local ponds a couple times a week for footage to post up, this helps narrow down the baits.

Andrew Russell says:

I almost want to say a stick bait represents a dying bait fish a lot like a fluke. I know bass don’t have the best eye sight so they might thinks it’s a fish or specimen that’s very vulnerable. Other than that, I think a senko looks like a weird green dog turd!

RoseCityVlog says:

do white and schartuse senkos represent a minnow

Jason Little says:

there work good in creek in river to

ThatKid0_0 says:

Would the Hero 4 Silver still work for underwater type videos that you do, and how do you clean the housing to remove the smell of lakes and stuff you do your videos in?

Survival Minds says:

Great video Tyler, nice tips and well done overall. Love the videos!

redneck fishing says:

could you use a trailer soft plastic on a spinnerbait and still be effective?

Will Luu says:

I saw a bass eat a crusty old senko on the pond floor and I toss him a drop shot with a finesse worm the same color of the one he ate and it didn’t even look at it!

Cody Morgan says:

The senco started by a pro fisherman in the 30 or 40s was eating his lunch under a tree and he had a bunch of 2- 3 inch sinapedes falling from the tree so he made his own lure that looks exactly like the senco and recked them. True story look it up. Jonny Morris told me that one

Float Tube Fishing Ontario says:

Canada here, your info seems universal
check out my stuff
Keep on Floating

heath schwab says:

great top 5 the fluke i really love the movement but not having luck but i hope to catch something soon with one. Thanks Tyler god bless

David Budke says:

No it ain’t he posted the same one a few days ago

KgBass S says:

what about a 5 foot deep pond says:

Great info man. It’s tough to make a top 5 baits video that would work anywhere in the world lol. But you did it!!!

Braden commerford says:

sqaure bill, senko, spinnerbait, rage craw, popper

yo boy Mel says:

what do you use for brackish water that has no vegetation are structure

The Bass Master says:

Awesome video thanks for the tips

rj irvin says:

I use zoom flukes all the time and I live by that bait it is the only soft plastic bait I use

Nicolas Cappabianca says:

I like to fish at this pond near my house, but it’s a bit shallow and the floor is covered in vegetation, any tips on how to avoid it? Also the wind just blows my line everywhere, how do I avoid that?

Tyler Glance says:

in my local pond bass love flukes all year

David Budke says:

Theirs 2 of the same vid

Tyler Coats says:

I have been throwing flukes in my pond for years.

Aaron Kisser says:

All great choices but the senko is the #1 pond bait of all time. I have never had it let me down at a pond

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