WATCH IN HD! Best top fishing hacks. In today’s video I go over my best fishing hacks and fishing tricks.

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Tricks shown

1- Keeping your fishing rod safe
2- Stretching your line
3-Getting a snag out
4- Long distance lure retrieving
4 Rust free hooks

( Filming hear used)

Big camera – Canon 70d

Small Camera – Gorpo Hero 4 silver

Tripod – Sunpac 6600d

Memory Card – Sankdsik ultra plus

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McNeckAss says:

Throwing your rod seems kinda sketchy what if it pops off your hook or lure or what ever you have then gg there goes your rod

Embcii Bee says:

throw your rod wtf rofl…. no thnx, cost more than the stupid bait hahahaha

nick aicul says:

You give off one of those “I’m a fucking idiot” vibe

Sk8er _boi says:

If you don’t want rust on your stuff but you don’t want to buy a whole new tackle box and have everything individually wrapped next time you eat beef jerky or something and it has those silica hell packets. Take those out and put them in your tackle box. The absorb moisture so you won’t have rusty stuff

DaddyDeno says:

You a dumb ass pussy ass nigga

sleeping14forest says:

at hack #4 his rod tip break :/

Baja Madness says:

He said they are hacks he never said that they are fool proof

TravisBassing Tv says:

More like tip not hack

David Green says:

David New Forest Uk

shannon pinnix says:

If u hang up in a tree u shouldn’t be fishing lol

Alms Mine says:

no-one in their right mind would throw a rod at a tree to save a lure 🙂

Tou Yang says:

Wouldn’t throw my 500 dollar rod to retrieve a 20 dollar lure

babis cha says:

Tard totally

Fishing _ Finatic says:

I tried the throwing the rod thing and not only did I loose my new 10 dollar crank bait I lost my 65 dollar rod

Steven Gallant says:

Life hack for loose tooth step 1 tie fishing line on tooth step 2 take your rod and throw it and it will hit the tooth there you go life is much easier

Nik Jones says:

Or don’t bother with number 2 and just use stealth braid

Lone_Wolf says:

Hack 4 is what you guys are looking for, thank me later

garfield silva says:

number 5 just buy water proof hooks

John Kicks says:

If u throw your fishing rod you will lose it under water

drawnomology says:

Hey there I don’t fish much and I thought this was really helpful. Thanks for the knowledge.

Carlos DL556 says:

Why does it look like you always have food in your cheeks

Mattgaming says:

I have that same crankbait

Anthony Galena says:

I lost my rod cuz of u

Ilvars Ilvars says:

Beketwall hoop……2:09

David Green says:

Tip for you, spray with a fish oil, no rust!

wheelier of wonder says:

I just through my 700$ rod at at a log underwater and it did do shit thx

zMqcros says:

Hey fuckboy you made me lose my rod with number 4. Go kys you fucking faggot

DMVids24 says:

Hi liked the vid

Daniel Schrameck says:

All the tackle comes with that file tackle box

LSOutdoors says:

Actually tried #4 in one of my videos. Actual worked supeisingly!

C.C. outdoors says:

When you do hack number 2, u will stretch the line

Rad Reeling Fishing says:

Have you ever broken a rod tip when you throw it at a hung lure? Great video man!

Drew Larsen says:

Today is not my birthday give me a like for being honest

Fred Fable says:

You broke your rod at 3:25 stupid action.

sendtorich says:

#1 is not really a hack

random person says:

I acutully lost my rod doing number 4

Noah jantzen says:

Garbage video

Zane Durflinger says:

Your a terrible fisherman u don’t throw your rod ever a lot of bad stuff can happen u could lose and break it

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