Top 10 – Fishing Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Techniques for Beginners

Top 10 best fishing tips, tricks, hacks, secrets, and techniques for beginners. Hopefully these tips, tricks, and hacks help!

Good luck fishing!


Jeffrey Middleton says:

Nail Clippers!… great suggestion.

mojo2604 says:

A tip when removing the hook from the mouth of the fish is to hold the fish belly up. it will not wiggle as this disorientates the fish.

Rhys Davis says:

100% no kidding I have that exact pole and exact lure in the video and I got the pole 2 for 30$ at dicks sporting goods

Magic Jones says:

awesome tips I will give these a try thank you very much good videos

Reel Fishing outdoors says:

what would you use for ice fishing for trout tip ups bait

kerry alinder says:

Thanks for the tips, keep up the good work!

shgaming 2 says:

Good vid

Marshall Hurt says:

Good video!

Joseph Grcich, Jr says:

Great tips. I saw one of your videos and few years ago when I was in Destin and it was very helpful I ended up catching a ton of Spanish mackerel from the pier. I live on Lake Michigan and perch fish mostly but love the saltwater Fishing. I follow some so called professionals but you are much more realistic. I have kid’s around your age so we’ll be down there spring break again. Thanks for the tips

Jordan S. says:

nice tank!

Shannon Gibson says:

with the metal stringers. just close the tab with some pliers. *problem solved* no more losing those 4 pounders lol

Suzan's Outdoor Adventures says:

I really enjoy watching your videos, greats tips

Amancio Garza says:

Whats the link to the website for the scale?

ben anelli says:

hard to understand due to hard surrounding and voice bouncing off the hard surfaces

Landen Keller says:

Link for the rod in the video?

jamani1086 says:


Amancio Garza says:

Any tips for night fishing?

Tana Kiran says:

first view … first like… first comment.

Brixton Bates says:

Thanks! My pond is catch and release, so my catched fish can live longer!


Nice video and channel bud! Going out pond fishing this weekend for some biggins!

Big Cat River Fishing says:

Liking these how to vids man. Keep it up!

Ekat B says:

I really enjoyed that! I’m a beginner and that was really helpful. Keep making videos!!!

Patrick Baca says:

great video. very informative.

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