Top 10 Bass Fishing Tricks – for beginners – 2017 – Tips and Tricks for Catching Bass

This is a quick list of Bass catching tricks I’ve learned over my 15-20 years of Bass fishing. These are the basics I wish someone had told me 15 years ago. Bass fishing is awesome and fun. Bass fishing is also super tricky and can be daunting for the beginner. These bass fishing tips should be a good place to start for the beginning angler. Catch more bass by using these simple tips and tricks.

1. 6 Seasons of Bass:

KVD Seasonal Guide –

Graphical Guide –

2. Temperature
3. Basic Finese Rigs
4. Basic Crankbaits
5. Bait Colors
6. Recon Tricks using Google Earth:

7. Sight Fishing
8. Bank Fishing
9. Sounds
10. Experience


GreenGhostMan says:

A lot of misinformation in this video. For starters, the summer is rarely considered the best season for bass fishing. In my opinion, the spring and then the fall are the two best seasons. Summer would be the 3rd best. This is consistent with all my fishing buddies’s beliefs as well. Secondly, the 3 rigs he mentions as finesse set ups (Texas rig, Carolina rig and jigs), I’ve never heard anyone consider these to be “finesse.” I consider set ups like shaky head, drop shotting and split shotting to be finesse rigs. After I saw this I couldn’t watch anymore. Wanted to make sure I commented to let others know. I understand he’s trying to help beginners, but make sure you understand what youre trying to teach.

DUGJigginVA says:

Great info !!!

J. Bowerman says:

I flat wear them out in winter and pretty much skip summer unless it’s night time. A 1/8 oz fox tail jig with a #1 Matzuo sickle hook is deadly (here) in winter. Also a Swing Impact Fat 3.8 fish real slow on bottom with a football jig will load the boat. You may have hard water in winter, but if your not iced in try it and see for yourself. I’ll take winter over all the others any day.

Bruce Thompson says:

You should check out the Navionics free web application for water contours:

Turn on the sonar charts for more accurate contour lines. Helps a lot to identify humps, holes, troughs and ledges

Ernie Wooster says:

that was very well done – l don’t fish hardly ever at all But was giving me the fever to try again lol

daddy says:

Great video, really helped

Don Juan Smash says:

Very cool, thanks a lot for the info!

Toonafish Loontic says:

How are you going to say summer fishing is great and then go on to say water temps above 75 are bad for fishing? Huge contradiction there

Jason Cobb says:

i catch most of my true giants in winter..had water 37degrees and cracked a 6.1..15 casts later a 5.6..few more average fish and ended day with another 5..catch ALOT of quality fish in winter months..Keitech Swing Impact Fat 4.8 and 5.8s were the ticket..

TheOneTurk -Cool Experiment, Challenges says:

10:08 yooooo thats a fucking face there

mike craig says:

Really enjoyed watching this. Concise, informative and much appreciated. We all should never stray from the basics. This provides a handy quick-reference. Good job.

Mason Quinn says:

any tips on how I should approach late June bass fishing in WA?

Protosalas Outdoors says:

Great video mate. Just getting into targeting bass from targeting variations of lake trout and and other mountain species. Excited to get into it. Very helpful video!

james joseph says:


O. Antonio Lowe says:

well made video
i liked it man! defintiely going to try your advice i just started fishing

WakeUpEurope says:

I catch more Bass in the winter I kid you not. Why? They don’t move around a whole lot and they still need to eat! Cast a soft plastic to where you think they will be and let it sit for as long as you can stand it, slowly tighten the line then barely move your bait, then comes the bite. Smile …. because that fish is coming to the boat! God I love Bass fishing! Great video, thanks!

Evan R. says:

You contradicted yourself haha. Saying summer is awesome when the water temps where I am(California) are usually 80-85F and the bite is awful. Then you put the bite is meh in that range?? Fall fishing is way better than summer and in that sweet spot of 65-75F range(you were right about that though) with bass feeding left and right. Would re edit that lol

Andy Holmes says:

Awesome video

pbbeast says:

Using the plastic bead for the carolina rig is actually really smart/useful

Luke Goguen says:

Thank you for a very well done and informative video. I feel that I learned a lot from watching this.

mathieu tremblay says:

I think you never fish in canada, your season info are not true for northern bass fishing

Lonzo Ball says:

Great Video!

Toonafish Loontic says:

Lost me in the first 10 seconds.

Wild Trophy Hunts says:

Very good video. Very professional!

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