Tips to LOOK LIKE A PRO Fisherman even if You’re Bad at Fishing!!!

Listen to Bro’s tips to look like a pro fisherman, even if you’re bad at fishing! Today I am breaking down three simple things you can do to promote your fishing career and get those sponsorships. Everyone wants to look like a pro, and being sponsored does just that. Even if you stink at fishing, you can use these tips to look like a pro. Fishermen everywhere can use this simple advice to attract sponsors. Once you have sponsors, you can call yourself a pro fisherman, even if you’re bad at fishing.

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Wesley Hackney says:

You are so freaking funny!!! This may be best parody on YouTube about guys being so called great fisherman. Btw you forgot to include tips about filling up with gas. Getting drinks and coffee and unloading your boat. I think you should make this parody into a regular series

mlab says:

Nah dude you need the neon colored rods bro man dude bro

Old school bassman says:

What the hell is a hash tag? It’s just the pound key for Gilligan squad members.

Michael Lewis says:

Too funny Bro!

DiiirrtyDaanDrift says:


Felix Martell says:

That was fucken awesome Bro!!!

Scott Kidder says:

Normally I am meh on these….this one cracked me up!

Paul Santos says:

Hey realistic that was so funny. you get down good

Chaos Paddlers says:

I have literally laughed this whole episode

Hopsky's Lounge Outdoors says:

Haha. This is great. Take pictures of rod reels and lures = Pro, i’ll have to remember that one lol. Awesome video.

Joseph Vu says:

I was told there were 20 dollar lures in trees

irishcorb7 says:

80/20, just like I like my hamburger meat

elypt1cal says:

bro manson needs a beard sponsor

Jason Freeman says:

Funny video. Keep em’ coming.

Ben Havilland says:

Solid tips right here

Dallyn Hedrick says:

I completely agree

Jeff Gwinup says:

That is awesome! Now I know how to start a fishing show, and I thought all I needed was a micro craw, a float tube and no electronics.

The Fish Dimension says:

Whoever your sponsors are, Bro, there is absolutely less than a zero percent chance that they are not the littest sponsors of all!!!

Where can I get me one of those pompodoodads?

CatFish 911 says:

I better save up and get a camera… what cheapie on a budget camera would you recommend for a BEGINNER FISHER that want to look like a pro… LOL… I gonna follow your advice to a T and become a famous sponsored fisher man.. but I gots to get a camera and learn how to use it first…

Michael Lawson says:

Lol! Love the video. Bro Manson is the man! Think that’s a first seeing someone use a magnolia tree for the background. #Boom

Bassin NW503 says:

Seeing Bro again brought a smile to my face today!

Manu Et fish says:

Hello mon ami très belle vidéo un gros like à toi à bientôt

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