Tips For Fishing Rivers & Streams

When it’s hot and sticky, there’s nothing better than slipping on a pair of old tennis shoes and heading down to the river. Plus, it sure is a blast to catch feisty bass! This Mystery Tackle Box, brought to you by the Catch Co, contains some amazing products that will help you have a ton of fun the next time you decide to get your feet wet and chase bass and other gamefish. Learn more about this bundle here –

Products featured in this video –

Lucky Craft Classical Leader 55
Rapala Jointed 07
Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner
Strike King Rage Tail Rage Craw
Nichols Lures Screwball Shaky Head


Conner Wise says:

What cheap rod and reel should I get for fishing streams and ponds usually filled with trout and bass and sometimes a catfish or a few other species

666MM420 says:

Am i the only one who thinks he looks like the guy from the purge

AVRON C says:

Talks a lot and dosent catch shit

kens outdoors says:

the rapala is killer in the river

Mitchell82 says:

“I’ve caught lots of catfish one this”

Robert Haeberle says:

I can’t recall if the guy mentioned what weight class that was used for the blue fox spinner or the shakey head jig?

Addicted Angler says:

looks like Carpentersville dam… that place is real tough to fish and he is on the wrong side of the river too

Titus Lance says:

it’s a dam baitcaster not a baitcastin rod

Eyesofthasouth says:

Zoom lizard/baby brush hog/h&h spinnerbait

kyle griffin says:

talky talky no catchy

Nomadic Jake says:

The best river lure for smallmouth or largemouth is the small zoom lizard

imsorryclass says:

Does this guy have his own channel?

santiago hosie says:

Poppers work AMAZING in rivers y’all should try it

Xerath Thunorson says:

looks like your bait and skills are total bullshit, bud.

Gilberto Oliva says:

Mystery tackle box change this guy please

Trace Mitchell says:

Looks like he knows what he’s talking about talks a lot not a lot of fish though

maxx luebeck says:

I like how he never catches anything and lfg catches em on every bait I can tell you after that video I wouldn’t buy the box but I probably wouldn’t buy it anyway

Kwasi Bro says:

This dude actually gonna catch somethin? Haha

North west Angler says:

Mtb should come out with a salmon steelhead box

George Garcia says:


William Peveler says:

why muat we watch this guy mtb only channel please make another channel for thia fool

jc C says:

Your vids suck

Derek Moad says:

I found the classical leader on Amazon prime for cheap

Josh Morrison says:

What river was that

SirDank Memes says:

I got that bait 😀

Sniperproumad says:

he caught one fish

dna DURAN says:

do u put bait on the spinner? im new to fishing… and dont know much about when to use bait or when to use certain types of lures/hooks.

Shay Dog says:

This guys having a rough day

Gilberto Oliva says:

This guy can never catch anything on any of the catchco videos

buck19 says:

still trying to understand why you walk downstream considering you are walking to fish looking at you. river and stream fishing you want to walk up stream to not spook the fish.

Christopher O'Brien says:

Is anyone familiar with fishing the Hudson River? If so what do you use as bait? Thanks

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