Tip #1 for Summer Bass Fishing

With Summer heat among us, the Fish in your waters are going to be looking for a cool and protective place to feed. This could be laid down trees, brush piles, vegetation, and much more. But with all this heavy cover you need a strong and enticing punching bait , and Riot Baits Mini Fuzzy Beaver can get through all the toughest cover and hook on to some big summer time Bass. Check in with Travis to learn the best way to Rig, Retrieve, and Locate this Bait!!

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adi Suranto says:

Kontol mulutlo

Razor Snape says:

Travis I used this bait yesterday and got around 4 bass on the shore without cover and caught some nice 4-5 pound bass, so glad this was in the box

jean calero says:

tips where you live or this apply to everyone ?

Eugene Harris says:

Love the video. Thanks!

Jason Daigle says:

a nother great viedo bro also I just sign up for my first box I’m stoked Travis I can’t wait to see what I get man sign my sticker for me if you can that would be great or any thing I always injoy watching your videos, i haven’t seen a few of them here lately because I’m in the oil fields know but when ever I can I will take it eazy man injoy

Random Info says:

Great video, great tips!!!

Vinayak B says:

that outro though

Larry Coleman says:

damn i dont think setting hooks is a problem for this guy jesus

Toto Tojo says:

Have had the same thing happen to me with a bluegill. Was using a rebel top water grass hopper and catching bass all day then a bluegill decides to hit it and comes flying at me in the kayak and hits the side. wish I had a go pro for moments like that lol.

alikan tropo says:

How many ounces does lead weigh?

Captain Hook'd says:

FINALLY…. A LEFTY….thank goodness im not the only one

TheSilverstonedwolf says:

I used a full chartreuse gulp swimming mullet 4 inch with a jig and i had a huge bass hit it and jump outta the water with it and later i caught a nice 2 pounder bass and then the gulp got the tail bit off. These bass love gulp. I even use the shrimp gulps they work lol

tom Jones says:

And this guy doesnt get snagged up and hung up on stuff. Just catches fish. I need a new set up

Bill Kluczkowski says:

Great bait! Worked really well for me in a high pressure pond

WW Watts says:

I’m a fan of your channel, a bigger, happy fan of my monthly LTB. Thanks for your vids / tips. They have helped tons. I’m landing on the fish. Felling good.

Fishing The Southeast says:

where are you fishing at?

Tank Loco says:

I make the LTB boxes at work every week and i was looking at fishing videos and ran into your videos

Its_ Anthony994 says:

Love that hookset, straight up, that was perfect. great video!

Heritage Not Hate says:

So you prefer shallow water over deep?

Thomas Brooklyn says:

Has anybody ever fallen off their boat?

Miguel Angel Vlogs says:

Lol he tip toes when he sets the hook…. nice boat brother… thanks for the tips.

Nofo Noa says:

Unnecessary fucking hook sets lol

GhostRyder says:

What brand of baitcaster you using im having a hard time finding one that i can reel with my left hand

eddie serna says:

are there any bass fishing videos that don’t involve some fukkn quack in boat with a fishfinder

Southern Oklahoma Fishing and wildlife says:

why does ltb always catch the smallest fish haha

Aaron Tipton says:

Love this bait I’ve rigged it just like this and caught some great bass on it. what’s even better is using it as a trailer on a 1/3 oz swim jig. everything that hit it felt like a Mack truck swinging a sledgehammer. Can’t wait for the next box so I can hook em like a tow truck.

Carole Sanchez says:

You are so cool

Noah Lochner says:

Launched @9:54 LOL!

Bill Kluczkowski says:

What is the color called? Don’t say on the package. Mine is green with green flake and dark with purple flake on other side. I want to buy more of this color.

armend cardin says:

my first 3 casts with this bait I got 3 bass …..that’s the best rate I have had this year

MyTopSpinner says:

what lake is this?

Jason Daigle says:

Was up Travis, I finally got my first box today it’s the top water baits box and I didn’t get the sticker man I was hoping to sent it to you but not this time also the deal that shows the cost of the baits but I can’t wait for my next box and to here from ya ok man keep up the great work

David Borrego says:

Travis Moran what would I use and what color when fishing a clear lake on a hot summer day?

Razor Snape says:

I love this lure

Chris Mendoza says:

I would throw that on a football jig

Lionel Lariviere says:

One of the most detailed videos I have ever seen. Thank you

donnapena says:


tristan vos says:

first video I’ve watched! Very helpful considering my family friend has a house on Tulloch! Thanks for the tips! I’ll have to try them out soon!

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