This TACKLE STORE is HUGE!!! (Fall Fishing Tips)

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-I went to this new HUGE fishing tackle store and talked about some fall bass fishing tips and techniques…enjoy!!!

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Martin Galicia says:

Keeps these videos coming great footage!

Jesse Sanchez says:

Do some hunting videos

Karl Watkins says:

Pick me

Omar Martinez says:

Lipless crack bait when you retrieve it do you reel it fast or slow?

Scrappys64 says:

Congrats to the winner!!!

Christian Brown says:

you are the best

Luke Davidge says:

Yes here posting this to be entered when is the giveaway

Buddy Hackleman says:

Hey Bro thanks for the tips about fall fishing. I’m still new to the fishing game so your videos are helping. Also I think it would be cool to see some hunting videos.

BlackOut45 says:

Gander mountain was awesome closed near me but we had a sportsman’s warehouse open up that’s a great store also!

Thomas Fitton says:

Lojo ,You are a amazing fisherman. I am 11 years old you don’t cures and you make good videos your awesome.

JK_ HookUps says:

Great store, I have one near me

Justin Kelley says:

Yes do hunting please

Aca Lee says:

A duckett rod paired with a lews speed spool

Bentley Cavell says:

Keep up the good work thank you for giving back to the community that supports you and what line do you normally use

Zak Elkins says:

Hunting videos

Samuel Lane says:


shizzlestix 66 says:

Where can I find one of those stores at. I miss gander mountain.

XxKitchenNinjaxX says:

Him me up says:

Who’s ready for some FALL FISHING???


Do a cat fishing video

Terry Mase says:

Ha, what fall transition? Not here in South Fla. Damn, Senko’s are cheap there. $8.99 a pack here at @BassPro in Dania Beach.

Omar Martinez says:

Not a big hunter but if you where going to do one. I would do something I would eat. Duck, pheasant and wild hogs. That is what I would like to see. Great job have a great day Logo.

Cori Duggan says:

Gander mountain was always over priced. But looks like it’s revamped now.

Omar Martinez says:

I live in the midwest in Chicago would those baits work well here?

Nathan Burkett says:

Kayak review!

Richard Hall says:

Lojo you are the winner of beard between kvd

Intrepid Fisherman says:

I like big tackle stores and I cannot lie… haha…

One More Cast says:

Love the spook for slow topwater fishing

JOSEPH Barnes says:

Love the channel

Dillon Garcia says:

I’m hope I win. I am broke man I need some new lures.

Brandon Lopez says:

Hey lojo, I’m Brandon I’m 14 and I love fishing I love your videos there really useful and fun to watch. I’m trying to grow my tackle arsenal, I don’t have much but I still catch some fish. I would love if you could send me some baits like these to help me out at hopefully catch more fish. Thanks keep up the awesome videos

fishing Gang says:

Love your channel so much also got inspired by you and your just all around cool I’m glad I subscribed to you hope you have a great day god bless you

Dylan Arvin says:

Really like the white long sleeve hit me up with some of those lures would really appreciate it man I’m coming up north from you from Kentucky

Trevor Greene says:

Really like your videos. I appreciate how your honest when it comes to the prices of things because a lot of people can not afford some of those things.

Kim Mahan says:

Florida fishing here

John Kalb says:

i love your Chanel

Fatboi Fishing says:

Bro it’s literally winter here, I’d kill to fish in the rain lol

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