This Lure SLAYS Winter Bass!!! (Cold Water Fishing Tips)

SLAYING bass on one of the BEST Winter baits!
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After having a successful fishing trip to the North East River the day before, I decided to return and hone my fishing skills with two KEY winter baits: the blade bait and the jig. Catching nothing on these baits yesterday was worrisome, considering they are two of the very best lures you can throw when it gets cold. After refining my technique and gear, I dialed into fish and absolutely SLAYED EM!!!

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Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:

-BPS XPS Lazer Blade (3/8 ounce, chrome/black)

-Favorite Balance 7’3” ML/f spinning rod
-Shimano Ci4+ 2500
-Suffix 832 braid (15 lbs) (Affiliate)
-Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon (12 lbs) (Affiliate)


Location: North East River in North East, Maryland
Date: December 6th, 2017
Primary Pattern: Yo-yoing a blade bait in 3-6 feet of water
Time Fished: 7:00 am – 11:00 am
Air Temp: Low of 40 degrees, high of 44 degrees
Water Temp: 48 degrees
Water Clarity: 15 – 20 inches
Conditions: Mostly cloudy with winds from the West up to 12 mph


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Camera Gear:

Gopro Hero 4 silver (first person filming)
External audio
Skeleton housing
Chest Mount
Must have GoPro Accessories
MicroSD card
Additional Batteries

Portable Tripod
Camera Bag
Lens Cleaning Kit

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Lightning chasing BassAss says:

Do what ya gotta do, you are their bitch! Lol, looks like a cool lure if you got clean water, good job

Ann Lowe says:

I subbed big fan

frank aurelio says:

Let’s take a moment to fucking kill your self

Delanie W says:

Sell out as much as you can. You deserve the extra money! Your vids are great and you have 3/4 of a million subs! That’s power! Wield your Power! F the haters.

Larry Jones says:

I’m glad you are Fishing again. I’m trying to get to go fishing with you sometime let me know if you have any time to meet with me Larry bassman 21.

Rodney Dannenberg says:

Good video

Autumn Holiday says:


Joshua Ong says:

What rod u using?

clay davis says:

Take the Vikings loot and buy a Jhon boat.

JAW Fishing TV says:

you finally posted. where have u been?

BlackOpsFishing says:

Good advice man!

Sabahattin aydın says:

😀 oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın

Ian Callahan says:

Ive never seen a grown man struggle so much to reel in a 1-2lb bass

LBEW Fishing says:

Dislike because of the advertising can we not just have fishing content I like all your other’s vids tho

Joseph Ridenour says:

Your a good fishermen

Lipripers 2023 says:

Nice iPhone X I rod

Gavin Smith Vlogs says:

Here’s the 1rod1reel we know and love

Zach Mauch says:

Didn’t know u made videos anymore

Mason Ciarpella says:

Was that the iPhoneX ???

Enterthe5t4rz RELOADED says:

*8:55** the LFG fish sniff! lol.*

Robert Hutter says:

Come on up to Maine

ArcherFish says:

nice. gotta try the blade bait.

Zack Aslinger says:

Should’ve went with the Googan Squad, i miss seeing you and the guys fish together as a group! keep up the good work buddy

rhino 7602 says:

i read the tittle like twenty times buy every time i still thought it said “this lure says winter bass” i thought the “slays” was says

Castle My Astle says:

What type of structure should I target while I fish the bladebait. I fish from shore

Castle My Astle says:

How can you tell if there’s a drop off if you fish from shore in stained water?

jemoeder 64 says:

we know vikings isnt your favorite game

Jacob Jones says:

I am going to subscribe to you and you are my
Favorite youtuber

Efat Injam says:

people underestimate blade baits why?????

Tails De Man71 says:

where is this

Central Coast Bass says:

Glad to see you back on track, everyone else had you good as dead. – Scott.

christian perez says:

Right after watching this video I went to check my mail and my mtb arrived and there it was a blade like the one shown here☺️☺️

Christiaan Kuyper says:

Where have you been???!!!!

Gavin Smith Vlogs says:

Me find it funny when the fish have chapped lips

Anthony Rotheram says:

*come to daddy*

River_Potomac_Guy says:

where in va would you have gone wading ? four mile run? if so i can show you where all the good fish are i fish that run all the time

Benjamin Boyce says:

What happened to the jig fishing???

Reuben Wiering says:

i caught a 35 inch pike on a bladebait

Brian P. says:

Looks fun, check my vid out of these aggressive Redband trout I’m addicted too.

future skate says:

What is the temperature where you are fishing?

Rdgibson Gibson says:

Who would like to see 1rod dab or go ice fishing again like and leave a comment for which one you would like to see

Punkinfingerz says:

Yeah man! Never underestimate river fish! Living in current grows em strong!

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