The Top 3 Pier Fishing Methods to Catch Fish at ANY Pier!

Pier fishing is different than any kind of fishing. There are certain pier fishing methods and pier fishing rigs that seem to work all around the world. Join us this week to learn these three methods and try for yourself next time you are at the pier!

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Joaquin Larriba says:

Thank u definitely going to try this today

Brad Johnson says:

Thanks for reminding us of monofiliment.


what must i do if i use soft plastic lure and the wave are heavy ???

mohamed abdou says:

Very great vid. great information very generous guy giving away all the information we need.. one of the most important thing about fishing is the technique of dealing with the rod the three was you showed in the beginning of the vid. once again thank you very much and God Bless you and the family and your friends


In turkey we can use 500 hooks in a sabiki rig and we use chicken fur as fly fur

W3ssy W3s says:

I like you. Come fish NC again and let’s be friends.

_LuCkY_ GaMeR_ says:

Well this rig work for rainbow trout.

Jaydin Naidu says:

Awesome Yourl guys are just awesome Yourl helped me a lot

Vanitayesha Purgun says:

Im from Mauritius ( indian ocean )..
Great video

adrian ledesma says:

Please give me one rod idol

Jose Martinez says:

Ni video my friend

Aliyu Musa says:

Really awesome video… Thanks.

Joe Spawldin says:

And damn I haven’t used that clinch knot sence I was a kid lol. I snell my hooks with the knotless knot and use polimar knots for termanal tackle. Life is easier that way lol.

周诗沬 says:


pmorin81 says:

I’m asking?,for popers and surface lures you could use, penn carnage 9 foot with slammer 5500, or st croix triumph 9 foot with daiwa bg 4500 or maybe you see tsunamy air wave 9.6 foot with a tsunami shield 5000

Zyress & J'quan Gaming Channel says:

Thats a croker

Thomas Anderson says:

Thought the video as a whole was good but the PSA at the end earned you a sub from me. Nice content!

Joe Spawldin says:

And uh, don’t wear nice clothes when you fish. That is an idiot move. You will get dirty fishing. That simple.

Francis Lim says:

I hope they will ban lead used in fishing as they are poisonous,replace it stone,steel or iron that’s coated instead.

Manny Morales says:

Great video definitely makes me wanna go fishing on a pier

Angler Ops says:

Thank you for the tips it helped me a lot!!!!

Joe Spawldin says:

Dynomite works well

Gavriel Chong says:

Ya, Malaysian no more wild pond anymore unless its protected by the government, the rest those ediot catch all no matter big or small

Anthony Lawrence says:

Thank you for caring about the ocean. The sea and every creature in it is a gift from the creator and we should love and protect it. You have earned a subscriber.

Steven Chavez says:

Just bought the Pier & Surf fishing kit brother. Looking forward to getting back into it all, and appreciate your advice and help! When you come out to SoCal, would happily join for a good ole fashion fish, catch, and grill on the beach!

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