The Fishing Mistake We ALL Make 😅 (Winter Bass Fishing Tips)

Come along with me as I share some tips on one of my favorite winter lures, the Alabama Rig! Hopefully you learned a thing or two, so hit that like button if you want cause that would be dope lit

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Louisiana bass Master says:

Be careful pulling with those new z71s I pulled a few 4wheelers to Arkansas and it melted the carpet to the floor mats and I wasn’t even running it hard

Stewart Griswold says:

Great vid

Bravo Bassin says:

hey tyler enjoy watching your videos and we all loose big fish brother there will be others!

Ryan Davidson says:

I don’t care about backlashes anymore. I fish tourneys and I have 20 rods on deck. If it becomes so birds nested I sit it down and go to the next rod. In tourneys, I refuse to waste time jacking with the bad one’s.

Double Down Fishing says:

Nice video Tyler… You definitely found a good pattern with the Alabama rig!

Robert Redford says:

Got in the boat one morning behind my parents camp. It’s on a river about 1/4 mile from the main lake. The water looked like chocolate milk. Shad were jumping everywhere. Our neighbor came down about the same time and asked me where I was going. I said “right here”. He told me that I wasn’t going to catch anything in that muddy water, he was going to the lake.

I’m a spinner bait fisherman, so I tied on the biggest Colorado blades that I had with a dark and light mixed color skirt and lots of vibration of course, I thought was a good combination and it’s usually what I fish the most.

He got back around lunch. I was already in after about 3 hours, him about 5. Asked me how many I caught, I said 15 and he thought I was lying, until he saw them (yeah, over a pound I eat them). He had only caught 2 small ones. I had some pretty decent ones, none over 4 lbs, but decent. I never cranked the motor. Started fishing right there with the trolling motor and came back fishing with it all of the way, less than a mile.

He fished there the rest of the weekend, and unfortunately, so did the rest of his friends. Still caught plenty more though. Long river.

Shad don’t jump in schools every 30 seconds for no reason. 🙂

j bassen says:

When are we getting some TRF apparel??

Collin Stuart says:

Let’s see a new truck video!!!

Cole Pearson says:

Make more vids with ur gf it will get u some views

Louisiana bass Master says:

When you gonna do like me… organizing my tackle and get a size 3 treble in your finger

Leon Clinton says:

what was the mistake? did i get clickbaited?

waldron 75 says:

Do you still have the original Pearl

The River Steward says:

A backlash will send a man over the edge on a bad day

GeorgiaBassinTV says:

New truck?? Sweet vid!!

Will Hardin says:

when you’re 13 like me you can’t afford to cut that line

Rod Royal says:

Thumb Tyler

Hitles s Boi says:

Why should you even take out the plug

5ross1 says:

Great video, but you talk too fast. Slooooooow down.

kadin Croak says:

@TylerReelFishing please do a how to read a graph video

Collin Brouillette says:

MAN, THAT SUCKS…with you didn’t lose that biggen’! That’s fishing.

Jacob Salinas says:

Sweet vid! Do you do any hunting?

AM Atlantic says:

Hey you should do a collab with Kendall gray next time your in Kentucky.


Awesome video I hate when I get a backlash!

Carson Rennell says:

That’s why I like 20# Inviz-X a little bit of forgiveness and braid has no stretch. Personally mono is too stretchy.

Oompa Loompa says:

At least you can still bass fish… up here in Idaho, the ice on the water is enough to where you can’t break a hole with a rock but can’t walk out… ☹️

rippen lips tv says:

After school today I went out to my local lake and threw a topwater knowing dern sure I wasn’t going to catch anything but I had the “topwater” bug, and I had to get it out of my system. Haha

3006sprg says:

That bird nest should be mounted and put on the wall hahahaha

Pedro Gonzalez says:

Wath do you do with those fishes?

Fish Watching says:

Good tips of winter Bass fishing!

Carson Tesch says:


Caleb murski says:

“that was a 5 pounder mayne”

Lucas Avila says:

Just power poll down a ramp

CryTec says:

Anyone tell you that you look and sound like Tom cruise

David J Scalf says:

Not only does your content rock but your open Christianity on YouTube is inspiring. I was recently baptized and glad I made the decision. Thank you.

BassFishin243 says:

Makes a Video titled “Winter Fishing Tips”

But is wearing a short sleeve shirt…

Noah Hancock says:

What is your favorite soft plastic

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