The Best Spinnerbait Fishing Tips Ever – Ft. Jacob Wheeler

Elite Series Pro Jacob Wheeler spills the beans on some important fishing tips with spinnerbaits. These tips are awesome and will work anytime of the year especially in the Fall. He shows you how to fish it, choosing the right rod, fishing line, color and size. Hope you enjoy…

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Xbridgeman1975x says:

Scott we got to get you to 200k subscribers so you can start doing 4 vids a week, That’s the rule. 500k you start doing daily vlogs. Sorry I don’t make the rules. Sorry Brandon. Lol.

Brent Young says:

This used to be a scott martin stream 🙁

Timothy Comparetto says:

Check out my newest video! A guided fishing trip on lake fork! Big bass caught!

Kyle Mereghetti says:

Spinner bait tip: put a worm on it.

Jason Clauss says:

Hey Scott… sorry I don’t do social media, but have a quick question. What Costa sunglasses do you prefer for bass fishing and which ones do you prefer for salt water? Thank You Sir!

BassFishing says:

It’s about dam time someone (pro) explained spinner baits very clearly and also the filming of this video allows us avid weekend warrior amateurs a great great in site to see how Jacob rigs that baby up.

Polar Pop says:

He talks strange

Ben Hollinger says:

Davy Hite says Mr. Wheeler is one to watch, this guy has skills.

PTdoubleOT says:

who sells some good frames, blades, and skits so you can mix n match your own?

Eddie Munley says:

Need a daily vlog

fulltime fishing says:

Ice fishing videos coming soon??

Bassraider810 says:

What brand of spinner bait is he using

Luke Garcia says:

Lmfao! The bloopers had me Rollin! #WheelerForPresident love this guy…

TAGZ says:

What knot did you tie to that spinner?

Son of a fisherman says:

I think you did a good job explaining the spinner bait love that trailer hook

PowerShellMike says:

I still think Jacob and Outlaw need to do a DIP challenge…

Kaleb Moss says:

Hi scott

RJB1017 says:

CONGRATS ON 200,000!!!!!! A HUGE Congrats AND thanks to Scott, Brandon, Roland, Billy’s got a bass… (and the list goes on) Awesome videos! Keep it up! Oh and ps come to cali and let’s catch some real slaunch donkeys!

arciefan says:

For those fishing spinnerbaits in stained water and around cover, I suggest on Scott’s channel his two videos he has on spinnerbait fishing. One with willow leaf blades and another one with colorado blades. However this is also an excellent video on burning spinnerbaits in open water (which allows trailer hooks) for smallmouth . This isn’t the type water I fish spinnerbaits in but nonetheless, he does a great job of teaching this style.

Jeff Holland says:

I could watch this guy fish all day long. He knows stuff.

James Repp says:

But didnt you just get beat in the SMC? Ya.. i’ll stick with the Live Target Frog!

Justin F says:

Anyone have any recommendations for a good fishing back pack

John Norris says:

Good One!

Andy Wang says:

Check out my B-roll not the highest quality but still dope

Ploppinbass6 says:

The fish in the lake here seem to bite a white lure pretty well here but the water seems to stay fairly cloudy most of the year so I guess they can see the white better than the natural colors here

Heather Evans says:

get yo words together Jacob. Lmao get right Brandon

st00pidfart says:

I personally don’t like using trailer hooks.. Grabs up too many weeds. Don’t really notice a hook up difference, either.. Also, if I notice the fish are swiping, or short striking; I’ll switch to something more subtle.

Johnathon Lemaire says:

What do you do to get your fishing license of every state not having residency in all states

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