surf fishing tips to catch more fish – fishing close to shore

Here’s a short video about fishing near the shore to catch surf perch. I cast out far from the beach and slowly reel in, and then pause, and rinse and repeat. I don’t keep my bait still for very long at all, only for a brief 3-5 seconds. Being close to shore, I’ve noticed I’ve caught smaller fish. The bigger ones tend to stay in deeper water – which is why I tend to cast out as far as I can from shore.

My favorite bait has always been gulp sandworms in 2″ camo. You can also use live bait, or plastic worms – which you might want to cut in half due to the perch’s small mouth. For plastic worms, green pumpkin color seem to be the best for me.

Other gear: 10′ salmon rod, size 5000 reel, 20# mono for my leader, 2 oz weight, and #2 hooks. These gears has been my standard and has always worked for me.


not jeremy says:

question.. what’s the different of shore jigging, shore casting, surf casting? got a little headache on this

bakerrr333 says:

Also, do you wear shorts and just let that pacnw water chill your feet? Or do you wear waders

Cristina Wiedenbeck says:

Do you ever go crabbing?

Fart Box says:

Good video, keep it up! Sub’d.


No weight?

Smotdi Smotri says:

Show please,how you fix the hooks..

kickerstyl3 says:

Hey Pk wondering if you could do a video on how you clean your reels after saltwater fishing?

harry tam says:

you make it look so easy. i just spent 5 hours today and only got a couple of bites, but landed one perch at the end. Perch in san francisco likes sandworms too.

R Thurman says:

You seam to catch a lot more males than I do. I catch better than 90% females. The last 2 trips 16 fish only one male. Any thoughts on that? Actually I’ve caught only about 4 males in about 75 fish caught so far this summer. BTW I’ve got 2 silver perch so far as well.

ProGenji says:

Lower the gain on your mic a little bit please

Ozone says:

If you dont mind me asking but what is the biggest fish u have ever caught

Bryan Cardenas says:

I can’t find those gulp sand worms anywhere. Cabela’s in Washington, Bass Pro at Las Vegas, Walmart at Newport. They are like gold haha! Where do you get yours?

Cristina Wiedenbeck says:

we are heading to coos bay tomorrow!

Scott Buckingham says:

Nice vid. I will try your technique next time I am in Costa Rica

Max Daniel says:

you should take your son to Alton Baker Canal sometime right after they stock it! I went yesterday and limited out in less than 10 minutes, and they were all a pretty good size… 6.77 lbs for 5 fish

Nelson S says:

@PK Yi thank you for all the videos I caught my first perch this weekend (3 actually) using a lot of your advice. I’ve been having the most luck using shrimp on a Carolina rig though, still haven’t gotten a bite on the bottom rig you recommend with sand worms. Going to give it another try fishing parallel like this!!

Bob P says:

I met an older man who had commercially fished for perch and he said the same as you – no need to cast out far, they are in the shallow water all around.

Alex Mean says:

would love to come out and fish with you

mrtoady2 says:

Nice action. It is the height of the season. The mole crabs are thick and the perch are biting. 🙂

Roman Nick says:

north carolina beaches say hey

Bryan Cardenas says:

Which is your favorite beach in Newport to fish?

Warchief Warchief says:

can you make a video on how to cast

bakerrr333 says:

What’s up with your rig on this setup?
I’ve been digging for sand crabs in Humboldt trying to catch perch

Tony Hernandez says:

where you fishing near a rip cut ??

Nedim Music says:

little fish

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