Spring Fishing Tips (Unexpected Catch)

Feels great to be back on the water! Yeet Yeet!
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kvandy5989 says:

Nice to see you getting back to the bread and butter

kerry ward says:

looser gets poopy diaper duty for 1 week !

San Dan says:


Brendan Outdoors says:

First catch
bamabass: Oh he is a small one


TopWater King says:

Great to see y’all back at it again! Waiting on the water temp to start rising here in central VA. Ready for those prespawn fatties! Awesome video!

joshua lee says:

goodness thats a healthy lake they are all so chunky monkeys

Charl Haden says:

Love your stuff buddy. Reeel highlight of my day every time a notification pops up from you on YouTube. Keep up the great work!!

Elyasib38 says:

Nice fish guys!!!

hounddog2952 says:


Logan Gmiterek says:

I wish mid February was “spring” that’s still over a month away for me…

Shawn Myers says:

Some fat girls

Richard Talbot says:

Your small fish is like a large one for me

Josh Conder says:

What happened with the possible state record fish situation?

RoAcH812 says:

awesome catching

Slayer T-rav says:

Yo the add i got for this video was nutty…

The Custom Everything Channel says:

Very nice fish

Reno Anderson says:

How’d you like the baby bull shad? Catch co said they’d be having YouTubers test them, and you’re the first I’ve seen with one. I preordered mine in the bluegill pattern and cant wait to try it once it arrives.

iiM iiNSaNe says:

If 1reel1rod was catching these fish. We’d all get ear raped.

Phoebe Mckenzie says:

glad to have you back was missing seeing you and your family. did you do much hunting this year? my husband only got 2 this year but that is food for a while for just the two of us. would love to see your hunting videos if you did get any this year. have a good day (smiles)

Michael Mcgarrah says:

What part of the country are you from

Pyro's Lounge says:

I like the sound of the rod when you cast out. Some of this fish look like large mouth bass. Were they? Also your crawfish video looked pretty cool. Wanting to get into it myself. Not much of a fisher (I’m very impatient lol), but I feel like crawfishing could be my thing as I can set it up and then do some other stuff to pass the time.

Alabama Outdoors says:

Y’all should do a boat tour

Jevon Shepherd says:

I have to admit I like this a lot better than the pond

Dvj Luna says:

1:17 WhushhhhhhhZZZZZZZZZT! Nice bird’s nest…. I HATE that when it happens… just slows things down. and does not help in catching them big ones.

Michael Chappelle says:

I just LOVE watching your videos!

Rory says:

Always love watching your vids, I have an idea for feeding moby though. Use some clear plastic to separate many from Sherrif, drop some minnows in Sherrifs side and once their all in then lift the separator. That way we can see moby grab the minnows in the water rather than before the minnows hit the water.
Moby is a beast… (a nutter of a bass, but a beast)

John M says:

You kidding me, you got a birds nest because you can’t cast , the crows are flying over calling out to you.


Just messing with you. Too funny , been there done that a few times.

Outsider Outdoors says:

“Little guys” I’d be so happy to catch those here in Kentucky

waldron 75 says:

Nice to see some older style stuff

Scott Green says:

First cast backlash lol! I’m used to that, ever since I moved back to Ohio. Miss the year round fishing in NWFlorida.

BamaBass says:

It felt great to get back on the water and bend some rods with the lady. Now that the weather has warmed up we will be uploading more often. Leave a comment below on some fishing videos or backyard pond videos you would like to see us film this Spring. Got Em!

Aphro Aqua says:

It’s not spring…. Lol

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