Spring Bank Fishing Tips for Spawning Bass

Today I’m bank fishing a a good size pond with clear water and looking for spawning bass. As I am walking around the bank, I start to see bedding bass and spawning bass that are chasing off bluegill. I will show you how to fish for these largemouth bass in this situation and tips for catching these fish while bank fishing. I also talk about one of my favorite bass fishing techniques for when bass are spawning, but are not staying close to the beds. For these cruising largemouth bass, they can’t stand a soft plastic senko or other stick bait slowly sinking sinking in front of them.




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Eli Lav says:

I think a Big Beetle Spin would do the trick!!

smkr2012 says:

Three things you need to learn how to do ; Tie a hook, cast, and set the hook .

HKGuy Snowman#1 says:

He broke you off my friend because you didn’t set the hook! let him hit it hold down 1-2 seconds & set hook straight up! Good luck

Fish _ Slaying 101 says:

This got me pumped up to get out and fish now lol

Parker Sorrells says:

dose anyone know what pole set up he has?

francisco j gonzalez jr says:

great video. I fish lake amistad in del rio tx and look forward to trying that zig zag. its harder because there are hardly any trees on the bank lol. love the mystery tacks stuff as well. !

Ace McCartney says:

Nothin like good old pond bassin

Dan Gonzales says:

Bro u can’t set a hook for shit…. SMH u talk alot but ain’t catching shit… Lol

William Storey says:

What’s the attachment on the pole above the reel?

Yupes Fang says:

During the spring stile the female bass need to eat for mating season so that is a reason why you caught fish

Jacob Dubs says:

Can you put your reel in the video comments as well? Awesome videos by the way!

Tony Taylor says:

What is that on your rods in front of your reel?

Frank Honey says:

get of the bank and Wade in,you won’t drown .

Scott Hitchcock says:

what​ is that tiny white thing on your way rod

Karen Devenier says:

awesome video and tips.

James Gibson says:

Dude, I could have a major fish fry with the Bass you put back in the water!!!!!

Mi_Lip_Ripper says:

deyrkr Dee MB and

Scott Hitchcock says:

what is that tiny white thing on your rod

Mason Quinn says:

any tips on how I should approach late June bass fishing in WA?

i Bee Amazin says:

what is that thing on your rod?

Jose Reyes says:

We’re are you fishing at I’m from Texas too

Alexa Magee says:

I love how nicely you treat them when you catch them and put them back. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE FEEL LIKE THEY HAVE TO THROW THEM. Good come back.

Richard Vue says:

“Oh! jeez! the bass tried to attack me!” lol. it’s about 60-75 where I live and the bass have just started to get up on beds. I was out fishing today and nothing I threw worked until I changed it to a weightless senkos or a weightless ki-tech. I got a few small bass on em but those were my first bass of the year. I saw some huge bass surfacing but they were too far away for me to cast to.

Todd m says:

no offense but u can cut most of this vid out since the viewers from ur amazing camera cannot see the fish, get a drone so we can the fish

xTRXHERO41 x says:

What’s that thing on your rod by the reel seat?

Luis Giron-Jiujitsu says:

Great video!

enjun ovvespa says:

lol…jerk jerkjerk-jerk…omg…jerkjerk…oh oooh..o
ahhh…dude been there done that..

Jose P says:

Oh my gosh!

lmullin says:

great vid dude keep it up

Yev Zakharov says:

Are you using a polarized filter on the DSLR?

Gunnar Reeves says:

Weightless weedless worm fishing is the best method I’ve ever used for bed fishing, I just throw it right out past them and bring it to their bed, and bass on.

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