Solo Fishing – Man Alone on a Boat on the Ocean (Fishing Tips)

Solo Fishing – Man Alone on a Boat on the Ocean (Fishing Tips). Join Graeme as he sets out on another solo fishing adventure. This time he heads out on his tiny yellow boat in search of some fish to catch! He gives you tips on using the echo sounder and gps to locate fish, as well as the usual bait, rigs and tactics to help you catch more fish when out sea fishing! This TA Fishing episode is packed full of fishing tips, so come and join Graeme on this Man Alone Solo Fishing Adventure!!


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TA Fishing says:

Good luck if you’re out fishing over the next few days! Head on over Mike’s Channel TA Outdoors as we did a double upload tonight! Here’s the link to his latest video:

silverbob999 says:

I cringe every time you go on the outside of your boat to sort the anchor out !!!!! at least you are wearing a life jacket, but i doubt you could get back in your boat unaided , keep the vids coming & stay safe


The best

BilberryStu says:

Great as usual….. Thanks Graeme and Mike.

Foy Lad says:

Loved the video Graham. I caught a cuckoo wrasse off the pier in Douglas on the Isle Of Man a few years back. I wasn’t sure what species it was until now, so thanks!

Gergana David says:

Great video

Pud Mate says:

Should be on mainstream telly. Best fishing programme by far. Excelley

David Harvey says:

Whzt great fun! Thank you Graeme. These are my favourite of all the fishing videos you do. Quite a selection of fish even on a poor day. Enjoyed watching. A little worrying watching you getting to the foredeck to tend to you anchor. I have a hatch at the front the cabin I run a rope from the mud weight over the stem head roller and right back to a clam cleat on the console with spare rope in a bucket next to it, so i just let it go when I’m over the exact spot. It’s only the broads of course but a soaking this time of year isn’t going to be nice.

Hurley Tanaka says:

Toally awesome fishinc show

Miguel Fatman says:

Hey Graham, your boat has been nicked by a Russian guy !

John Kramme says:

34:11 he’s gone, eeeh he’s nearly dead …this wrasse can’t regulate the pressure ( swim bladder ) as quick as you can drag it from the bottom of the water.

leonard whelehan says:

ha ha theres no sleeping on those little boats……

TjDolHaus86 says:

Hi Graeme, have you ever tried using fishmeal pellets (carp/halibut/trout) at sea?

Bruce Copeland says:

Where I live you could be 2 miles out maby 100 ft of water and you need to have 2 lb of lead with braid and you still don’t hold the bottom

goldmanjace says:

you have more poles than fish. Please do some more cap fishing vids


Hey TAFISHING I want to know what are kind of fish are you going to be catching from the ocean 🙂 ?

gary lawlor says:

Another great video Graham. Female cuckoo wrasse 100%. Also agree with you about the mouth shape of the undulate ray. When I work for a public aquarium I notice they are more agressive feeders than say thornback or blonde ray, in that they really pounce on a bait instead of manoeuvring their mouth over a bait. Oh and by the way was a red gurnard.

jon cando says:

when I was in the market for a trailable angling boat I turned down a aluminium hull because like you I hate the hull slap, so what did I do, I bought a Wilson, good choice, not, for the hull noise that is, but just a suggestion which worked for me, I was given a lovely as new carpet for the living room, but before the mrs could see it I cut it to shape and gorilla glued about three layers to the bow sections, (inside the boat smith), it now is toll able, just a thought.

Mike Richards says:

Another thought on the front wgat about insulation try stuffing some blankets to try it, I will be building a locked in the front which might help

HardysOutdoors says:

scad taste lovely just watch out for the spines

Marek Mojzis says:

no pike fishing 🙁

Dick Dastardly says:

Try a good strip of Chicken for bait.

Greg Dwiar says:

Hey Graeme, when are you going to do some GoPro video on the bottom of where you are fishing so we can understand more of the environment the fish live in you are catching. On a simple setup you can get good footage 100ft and deeper from the surface. Enjoy your videos..

ArcturanMegadonkey says:

Brilliant video as always Graeme.
look forward to the next

ralph ups says:

At 21:55 the rig you were demonstrating, reminded me of something a guy called the wooded beardsman said about fishing the water tables of a lake.

Angelina Schwark says:

The Paternoster puts fish on the table. Then you have the making of a freaky Friday fish fry freak out! YAHOO!

1000000trs says:

another vid called _”solo/man alone”_ : but I don’t think Mike is getting the hint Graeme!

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