So Many Fishing Tips! (Man empties BRAIN of INFORMATION!!)

Just how many fishing tips can one man store in his head ??..Graeme spent years fishing for as many species as he could catch ,using either bait or lures…In this episode he goes through the basic procedure of setting your boat out for trolling surface lures…and while making the tip-filled film he dropped down a few baits and ended up having a good session .After pouring out all those fishing tips he needed to go and have a lie down !!

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TAFishing says:

We had audio-syncing issues on this yesterday, so we took it down and re-uploaded it today. Hope you enjoy!

conan Slater says:

Great video. The tips where very useful cheers

Dave Jacobs says:

Sat in hospital after major surgery on my arm getting my fishing fix

Simon Mawdsley says:

Great video, and full credit for the effort expended in the murky dogfish and ray ridden waters of the solent.

Bim Nadji says:

You’re a legend Graham

naughtydorf18 says:

Not many people at all in the states would dare go out in the open ocean with just a single outboard. I’m the only yank nutter that does. 🙂


That slugs screwed

daniel roffey says:

Cool video as always Guys, thanks for the tips. tight lines and good luck for a UK marlin in the future. i have read some articals about a group of fisherman (aristocrats) in the 1930’s who went and caught tuna from Scarborough. i thought they all left when commercial mackerel fishing started. however they maybe coming back. tight lines guys 🙂

tHE HECk says:

Entertaining all the way Graeme. Thanks a lot…
I really want a boat after seeing this show.

alexmahon1 says:

Graeme what a great vid I see you as a Delia Smith of fishing the recipes always work you are very generous with your knowledge and tips thank you very much.tight lines.

garysmith782 says:

Great vid once again. Any tips on avoiding gut hooking fish? Seem to be gut hooking a lot of fish recently and there is nothing worse.

Ellis Robins says:

I didn’t know u can catch marlin in uk

The Pasty says:

Thanks Graeme, was a little annoying but still a brilliant video!!! HAVE a great day!

Monty Cobra98 says:

Love your vids

Rapid Gunner says:

Nice vid

Virginia Bradley says:

fishing fun!

Trev14 says:

Love it. Keep ’em coming.

matty gamingandvlogs says:


Dan Austen says:

Its a blonde ray, not thornback

Sean Barraclough says:


Edward Handbury-Madin says:

Great video really enjoyed it

Keith O'Reilly says:

Great video graeme

GC2freestylers-soccer skills channel says:

Hi ta fishing can I have a shoutout

MrLeesv650 says:

Really love the shows

Tom Fletcher says:

Great video

Giancarlo Ruiz says:

Awesome video

Eddie Dowdall says:

Keep the sea fishing videos coming mate love them

Gustavo Lemos says:

Great video Graham! Very inspiring! How long is the distance to the lures? Was the Bass on the mackerel with the cork buoy?
Thank you for your devotion! Greetings from Portugal!

JamesPlaysGames says:

I see this yesterday wtf?

lostnfound21 says:

back in the day i was always envious of Graham Pullen catching some bloody great toothy thing in some hot and foreign place, then writing about it in the sea angler..the enthusiasm was palpable then as it still is now, it’s about time the old devil was knighted for his services not just to angling but to humanity in general..just my thoughts..was it sea angler or the other one? that’s what happens when you get older!!

david cole says:

Great video matey

David Harvey says:

Pure entertainment thanks guys. I’m going fishing offshore myself today (my first time) on a good friends boat. What a great precursor to that this video is. When i watch these videos it makes me feel like selling my boat on the broads and getting a coastal one. How much fuel does your 60hp burn an hour running at speed please? I got a nice 30 efi on mine very cheap to run on broads conditions and speeds.

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