Snook Fishing Tips, Tackle, Baits and Where To Fish

This video is loaded with snook fishing tips for the beginner, intermediate or even the advanced angler . Here you’ll find information on rigging, fishing with live bait, rod and reel setups, good lures, fishing line choices and equipment that I use to catch these trophy fish. I also share some guidance on where to find snook around bridges.

Great Youtube channels for tips:

Jupiter George

Lawson Lyndsey:

Here’s are some things you will learn:

1. Where to find snook near bridges

2. Tackle and rigging for live bait

3. Fishing reel main and leader line sizes

4. What size rods to use for the area you are fishing

5. How to fish with live pinfish for the best results

6. plus forty years of snook fishing tips just added in throughout this video

Fishing Net Here:

Please check out these two links:

I don’t profess to be an expert at catching these fish, but have been lucky enough to land a few. Early on in this video I encourage viewers to check out the snook fishing playlist that I’ve linked in the video. If you will take time to watch and study those uploads you will find some excellent information tucked away in each one. I guess what I’m saying is do what I do while fishing for snook and your chances of catching a few will increase.


addictiontothewild says:

Great tips bro thanks

4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

Love that net brother, awesome video and tips

Jupiter George Fishing says:

The intro was super funny JC. Thanks for the shout out! It’s late so might have to finish it tomorrow. Hang in there with the red tide buddy. fingers crossed it is going to get better soon.

We’re All That Bored says:

You must be bummed about the FWC closing the season for the west coast today

Gman Mule says:

Wait a minute I work nights I came home grabbed a beer and watch this YouTube video. Did they really close the entire season? I guess not that I could blame them???

Levi Serbin says:

Sucks about FWC closing the season

Gman Mule says:

Hey JC another good video. This one actually was very good and very well placed and timed. I have been bass fishing the past well it seems like a year to me LOL. Rich I love me some bass fishing don’t get me wrong. But I’m all loaded up even but two new set-ups because of course they were needed for snook season LOL. Anyways to cut to the chase I’m in Bonita Springs Florida not sure if you heard of it or not. But you know my whereabouts. So the huge question is how has the red tide been in your neck of the woods and where are the closest spots to go snook fishing I feel like we’re going to get robbed the entire season?… I know that was a long one but a response would be much appreciated… Thanks

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