Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips For The Fall

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Smallmouth bass are one of the most aggressive species of game fish and that aggression increases even more in the fall. Smallmouth are actively roaming and feeding as water temperatures fall down into the 50s, so reaction baits like a jerkbait, spinnerbait, or Donkey Rig excel. Smallmouth, along with other bass species, usually group up in the fall, so look to cover a lot of water until you find a school. Once you’ve located a group of fish, work moving baits across the area with different retrieves to trigger aggressive strikes.

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Josh Landis says:

Columbus Ohio here,what creek is that Darby?

Max Sisto says:

Im in northern ohio touching lake erie no boat were should i go for sm

Luke Garrett says:

Hey bud it’s more winter here and the smallmouth are going into winter mode ehh

Parker Evans says:

Woo Chris bulaw

TM Boyum says:


Fishing Frames says:

Can probably squeeze out a couple more weeks here.

Kevin S says:

Great tips Chris!

Money Bass says:

Great tips. Hitting the lake tomorrow.

JTBassing says:

Just got my first box thanks to you ! And love the tips in this video

Doc Mangold says:

What do I do if it is December and 70 in Missouri

Jake B says:

Number one

Jayden Allen says:

Thanks for the tips MTB!!

David Thomas says:

meh..this guy…fml

Mickey Blankenship says:

Nice vid Chris

Chasing Flags TV says:

Good video, but a little late, I’m already ice fishing in Wisconsin.

Nathanael Lingerfelt says:

Lol, its almost winter…

Harrison C. says:

This vid is a bit late… it’s been 50 and under since the end of October in MA. Most places aren’t in the 40 and 50 degree places up north now

Michael Iannuzzi says:

Only about a month and a half late…

Will Luu says:

My view number is 333 then times that by 2

The Bass Master says:

Awesome video

Addison Dietz says:

What if it’s only 10 degrees?

William Bannister says:

Bear Grylls

DABEAST Moua says:

I been waiting for my MTB box and it’s almost a week an a half.. so how long is usually the delivering time.. I just WANA ask just for the record, besides thank you for alot of tip and I still support and buy the MTB box

Tucker Hastings says:

The susquehana river is 43 degrees

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