Shore fishing Techniques


Robert Eckelkamp says:

sound advice. you guys know your craft well. best of luck.

TeamBassin TV says:

hey guys im 14 years old I live in Ontario and I’m looking to fish for fun (AKA catch then release) but I have heard that anyone under 18 doesn’t need a license as long as they show proof of age. how would i be able to show proof of age? would a digital or photocopy of my birth card work?

C0nn0r'z Rekorder Rodeo says:

I think the intro should be longer

Gerard Ortega says:

Because we live in the Gulf of Mexico

Ez Tv says:

I like the part when you jumped into the water

Gerard Ortega says:

Jokes on you I live in Florida and fish better from a boat than shore

Brady Chavez says:

good tips

Brixton Bates says:

thanks! this is very neat, as I am going fishing today!

Spinal Distort says:

Very helpful for any boatless angler

Zarak Khan says:

nice work man your fan from Pakistan.

Albert Head says:

Great to see a young man know his stuff and have the confidence to share it like this. Very well done!

Tyler Spiker says:

don’t know if you’ll honestly answer me but what areas do you fish in

Modesta Castaneda says:

you arreglar right i caught alots ofertas fishing in the eg

Joel Coronado says:

first off love thre show man been watching nonstop for days. I live in southern cali my local lake at Apollo Park in Lancaster Ca is all manmade concrete multiple buddied lake…. hardly no underwater structures plants reeds, or shore trees just greenish water superclear early mornings. how do you approach it??? and or fish the shore for bass…. I know they are there. TONS of baby bluegills, I see baby bass next to shore. I need help smh…

Awesomejosh says:

Is this shore to catch me fish?

Adam Skead says:

I will admit casting as possible is what I do, I even use a bigger hook In order to cast far

WAVY.J 69 says:

Game changer

Ez Tv says:

Nice intro

Tanner Hatten says:

you’re a good fishermen do you ever live the salt life though?

caroline romanski says:

I love your videos and

jouxpane says:


Joseph O'Donnell says:

if no rocks just weds and a dock fish the legs of the dock and behind the weds it works puled out a ten pounder

Angel says:

casting really close to the shore makes lots of sense actually. If that technique didnt work, then why do all the people with boats fish and cast along the shore lines?

Magic Jones says:

does this work for large catfish also

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