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Jigs are one of the best bass baits ever created due to their extreme versatility and ability to match nearly any bass forage. However, white jigs are often overlooked. In this video, Justin explains why a white jig can be a great way to fish shallow water and mimic baitfish.

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Jigs can be fished about as many ways as you can imagine. You can flip them, skip them, drag them, or swim them and you’re bound to catch fish. In this case, Justin is targeting shallow bass feeding on shad so he opts for a white jig. Justin likes to swim this jig around shallow cover like docks, rip rap, and timber. Be sure to use fairly heavy fluorocarbon line (17 – 20lb. test) for this technique so you don’t break off when pulling fish out of sharp cover.

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rjbassing says:


Ryan Werneburg says:

hey MTB I was wondering what your best fall bait would be thanks

J Dos says:

I thought you where dieing ? says:


TomRamirez says:


virginiaowen says:

A mtb box caught me my pb bass at 1and a half pounds

Ryan Barstad says:

2nd comment

Joe Carr says:

LFG got me back into fishing. He’s a major influence and inspiration. He’s also the reason I am a MTB Pro subscriber.

BassFishing SoMD says:

I’ve got to start throwing the jig more often. It is not a confidence lure for me.

Ryan Barstad says:

Mtb is the best

Ian Grobler says:

Why does MTB informational video never have at least one fish caught on that bait

John Choi says:


Jason Miller says:


BeNrOe SC says:

LFG just doing his job but MTB honestly blows. I catch all day on black/blue, black/red or straight black. In 3 months MTB sent me 3 scirted baits, all 3 white. They have worked as well for me as they just did for LFG. You can go buy a lot of baits that work for $25/month.

Crankin' Caleb says:

MTB won me a Bank Fishing Tournament with the Luckycraft Crankbait in the October Box!!

BassGeek says:

Stroking a white jig around buffs is a great way to boat a limit in the summer out here.

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