Rainy, Muddy Water Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass Fishing In The Rain! Folk’s, we have experienced day after day of rain here lately in the Tennessee Valley. It has caused the water to become Muddy (dingy, stained). Today I share with you some tips and techniques on catching Bass in those conditions! I also share my setup / rig. I hope you enjoy the video! God bless.

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Crappie Fishing Tips For Extremely Muddy Water

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FISH says:

Good stuff, man. Can you do a video on long line trolling for crappie? Thanks!

Lee Fisher says:

Richard where the crappie at that’s good fishing love to see it. Lee Fisher go fishing when you can it’s good for you

Steve Moore says:

Thanks again Richard!

Sean Skehan says:

Love your videos Richard, good info. Thanks

Samuel Barnett says:

You whooped them again. Live watching your videos. I have fish all my life but have learnt a lot of tricks from you.

Steve Welches says:

Mr Green do you ever fish for bulkheads? If so could you do a vedio and if not why?

Fishing_With_BIG-D says:

Some nice ones Richard –

Aaron Clark says:

Hey you can always cut like 1 3rd of the power bait or the head off a craw fish they might prefer it

Michael Swincicki says:

They call our River the muddy Maumee River in Ohio you would catch fish in a tidal wave that’s how good you are good fishing always

Kevin Price says:

What’s the deal with the flip out each video? Can’t understand what ya are even saying!

Greg W says:

Richard I live upriver on Chickamauga an we’ve been 4′ above summer pool with all this rain, I guess you have been too. It’s still very muddy with the flood gates open. We’ve got these Florida Bass in here now an they seem to always stay shallow. The native bass move deeper for the colder months but these Florida fish seem to be scared of the water. lol

R L says:

Glad to see you caught a few…! Looking forward to that next video, titled “Eating Crappie ‘coz it’s Raining Outside” ;D…!

James Long says:

Well Richard Gene hope y’all are ok after them tornados

Matt A says:

Gene… I see you using several different colors of fishing line….what’s your strategy??

J Bay says:

Awesome video Richard.

Coleman Downey says:

Would you do a tutorial on how to use a baitcaster? I have always used spinning reels and zebcos when I was younger. Just got a baitcaster and all I do is linespool.

Ian Cameron says:

That bass looks nice and clean he just had a bath. Dont ya know

omar torres says:

Richard should have his own outdoor channel TV show.

Jeff Hawthorn says:

Love your vids been watching for a while, but wasnt sure how to leave a comment. Love how simple you keep your trips for the common everyday fisherman.

partner348 says:

Every acre is covered w lizards here in the south, and the plastics are a popular lure, but I’ve never heard of anyone fishing w live lizards….hmmm?

Dave Hansen says:

right on richard. good bass day . even if it was rainy.

Rip says:

I enjoy your videos immensely. I especially enjoy your style of fishing. You truly seem to enjoy every minute, even when you come out in adverse conditions. We always see you catch fish but we don’t always know how much time you may have spent on the water. Another reason I enjoy these videos, you talk your way through every cast to let us know your strategy or what type of fish you may have caught… and you don’t rush things.. and I think that is my favorite part. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. Keep up the good work!

blue widow says:

Hey buddy hope you and your family and friends are safe from the tornados just seen bama got hit hard and 23 people lost there life’s hope your safe man

David Edwards says:

Good video!!!

fishing is my drug says:

Thank you for describing the what, why and how.
Your one of the few that does.

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