Quick Jig Fishing Tips and Tricks and a Couple Bass! Day 11 of the 30 Day Fishing Challenge!

9/10/16 I was supposed to fish Lake Braddock to give you guys something new, but the gate was locked and I couldn’t get in. Plan B was to hit the Occoquan Reservoir and fish up in Bull Run, which I did. We hardly ever go up as far as I did, and I really wanted to go explore. In this video we talk briefly about jigs and how I throw them….the I being VERY important. I may not fish a jig 100% properly, but it’s my favorite bait, and it produces. There may be better ways to fish it but this is MY way of fishing it. Hope you all enjoy, and be ready for tomorrows video! There are some pigs!

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Eddie Love says:

SB, sounds good. It is a great, quiet lake during the winter, but I think fall and early spring are the best times.

Bassyaker says:

good vid I need to fish jigs alot more

Bowhunters in Georgia says:

Awesome video I have been looking for a jhon boat for bass fishing and was wondering how long was your boat and who made it?

Ker Cha says:

What camera did you use to film this and what program did you use to edit this clip?  Very nice quality and I really like how the video is still very clear when you speed up the video.  Nice work, keep the videos coming.

Cream says:

Like the Video Man keep it up

Eddie Love says:

SB, hit Burke Lake! Heck you were down the street from it! Big bass, actually biggest bass in the district! Bonus—Musky to 40lbs, and even Walleye, if you want to catch dinner. Trolling motor only of course!

Michael Nuss says:

Really liked this video Matt! You should do some light or short tutorials ever now an then. Also the clip where you set the camera out and we got to see you and the boat was really cool give us some more of that! I liked how close it was, I think when guys do it with the drone they tend to be to high up and you can’t really see what’s going on.

Tobias Karim says:

I love your boat , i need one of those….

Jeremy Welch says:

Yooooo my dood I hit you up on insta dm @bearded_bass_co

Stay Humble says:

Been wanting this video thanks!

ShadowedSoundsRecords says:

didnt know you were a VA resident bro i fish in the Resovior also! big ups!

Dude Breh says:

i fixed up a 14FT Alumacraft boat i put some nice seats in it and i wanna put a floor in it i hope i can find some videos on it BTW im 12 this was my early birthday present that i put alot o fmoney into so dont think im spoiled

frodo baggins says:

That epic skip cast at 2:30!

JigMaster says:

What brand jigs are those

dale p says:

Hey matt a quick little tip for those flappin hogs… pinch off the little football shaped ends and the first joint on the next legs up for when they wont bite a normal one. I have a lot more success on them like that.

Reverb Fishing says:

Awesome Video Man 🙂

Matthew Sowders says:

What kind of motor on your John? Loved it man. Keep up the videos!

White Brow Fishing says:

I fish a jig a lot. More than any other bait. You’re right about feeling a bite on a slack line. And you can tell when the fish has the jig pretty easily. I have a video on my channel where I let the fish move around with it for a few seconds until I’m certain it had a firm mouth hold on it. Pretty cool watching that line react.

jkostial313 says:


Tanner M says:

Sb, you should do more types of these videos!

703 Bassin says:

I’ve also got a 12 foot Jon boat but I’m heasatant to put a deck on because I don’t know if it will be stable eneough, what is the beam (width) of the front of your boat?

jkostial313 says:

Do you use carrot sticks?

Ford Fishing says:

What knot do you use when jig fishing. Lost a guessing 6lber from my knot popping

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