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Topwater fishing is already one of the most fun ways to catch a bass, but throwing a popper can take it to the next level. These little baits cause a ruckus on the surface, perfect for throwing in clear calm water. The Lunkerhunt Kraken is one of the best poppers on the market, with an evenly weighted belly to swim true while you easily pop it along the surface. Justin breaks down all the ins and outs of your popper fishing arsenal.

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Gaming in progress Progress says:

Can u guys send me a bait please it would be great

Kyan Hall says:


Menton mountan says:

I still havent received my mtb pro box yet

HPNomad says:

Got this popper in my MTB box. Haven’t caught anything on it so far.

Aiden Fleming says:

I got the wrong box last month have not changed it but i rather get the right box than the box i got. And Harvey made this box come late it should be here by sept 20th . im kinda annoyed right now but i still love mtb.

Claudio Martinez says:

U make great mtb videos cuz u really take ur time to explain every thing.

cody brothers the texangler says:

6 ps been killing it on a popper

keith oliver says:

i got my mtb today and this lure is in it cant wait to try it this weekend

Justin Laudick says:


Crocs Are Cool says:


Fishing With Jamie says:

I sure hope this advances my journey into fishing greatness.

Joe Trujillo says:

Yo my Pro Box was off the chain this month. Keep it up MTB

_.lee4life._ says:

What’s the opening called

alex gendreau says:

Justin is the man!

cbfishin says:


Castnight02 says:

Could I fish poppers on my 6.8 medium spinning rod? Also what other baits could I use

WildBillHabiki says:

back in the ’60s & ’70s my grandfather loved the original (?) popper, the Creek Chub Plunker. I still have some of his old Plunkers.

Str8 sauce says:

hey justin not cool man you cant fool me what did mtb do chum that weed line fish was already busting when you was in the intro then you turn around throw in the same spot without seeing it and oh ” magic ” first cast :/

payton mcvinnie says:

What’s the intro song

Sox4Life says:

What is that thing attached to your rod right above the reel?

KentuckyFriedGamer says:

I never use poppers, I should try.

Tennessee Bass Busters says:

I just got my first MTB And I love it

Sox4Life says:

Thanks for the info on the angl tracker

Marx Haven says:

How much did you pay that bass?

Cole Cunningham says:


James Meyer says:


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