Pond Fishing Tournament WIN – Made Money! (Fishing Tips For Ponds)

That’s right folks, tournaments are back! This time I join my college fishing team for a fun pond fishing tournament! I fished really well and WON the event and made some money! Along with that, I give some applicable fishing tips for pond bass. If you enjoyed, please LIKE this video!

Topwater I used today: https://goo.gl/R4puve
Swimbait I used today: https://goo.gl/y6DW5J
Rod I used today: https://goo.gl/VytV7k
Reel I used today:https://goo.gl/jpRzdh

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lojo.fishing says:

gotta make that money somehow

Ryan Brandon says:

Love the videos comment back plzz

J Dos says:

more bank fishing vids like this please

aholloman says:

Q: Is the Lew’s Super Duty LFS good for flipping and froggin? Thinking about getting that reel to cover more than one fishing technique.

xXiSivxX _ says:

Hey Tyler! I’m a second year student at Blinn and plan on transferring to A&M next fall. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on organizations I could try to get into to get on the water more or just do stuff like this?? trying to find water in College Station is kinda tough, it’s all either crappy little ponds or private property!

MLA ATX says:

I thought that dude was 1 Rod at first! LOL

Cyranek says:

5:04 you need to start doing music

Inthejunk says:

How do you like that Lews Crush? Great vids, keep em coming

Big Moe Medina says:

Hi Tyler! Great And fun Video as usual! Where can i go to get that scale and the app? I saw the app at the app store but need help acquiring the digital scale. Tight Lines!

Donkey Bass C.O says:

I bought the lews custom 8:1:1 it’s my ploppdaddy rod

fishing king says:

Love your videos and the Lew’s fishing gear you use.

Robert Redford says:

$50 beats nothing. 🙂

Game Changer says:

Brrooooooo I have the Mach crush and it is amazing

Saltwater Assassins says:

More bank fishing tourneys

JRP Fishing says:

Holy WHAT?

babadeedee says:

Great video! That pond needs to have some of the small fish removed. Hookset feeling is the best!!

Carrie Cates says:

A hook set is one of the greatest unexpected adrenaline rushes ever.

aholloman says:

Love pond fishing videos like these

Purifying Outdoors says:

You know collage boy needs that money!

Craig Nash says:

Hey Tyler …good job .. when you get a fish that weighs more than what you have You say cools.. is that the correct word … explain that… thanks Tyler. Craig. Pa guy

RWA Fishing says:

What setting the hook is like: When the rod transmits that tap, or series of taps, your whole body immediately comes to attention, then when you jerk back on that rod, and it bends over with resistance, it’s a full on adrenalin rush, and even more intense on a top water frog bite! Congratulations on winning that Pond Fishing Tournament!

Collin Stuart says:

Love the feeling of throwing a Texas rig at a spot you know there has to be a fish and getting rewarded!!!

Josh Dickens says:

Need more tournaments like that but you need to get 50-60 people involved and see how much money you can win good job

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