Perch Fishing Rigs, Tips & Tactics

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Perch Fishing Rigs, Tips & Tactics

For this latest episode we took the cameras down to a little local lake with the hope of targeting a few Perch or two.

We had a few requests recently about Perch fishing, so we thought we’d make a video to show how we’d go about targeting them, demonstrating the baits, rigs and tactics we like to use.

We knew the lake we were fishing held fish to around 1lb, but secretly we were hoping for a fish around the 2lb mark.

As always we hope you find this video informative and of course enjoyable.

Tight Lines

From The Waters Edge TV


Alan Gonzalez says:

What is the size limit of perch crappie bass and any other panfish?

Jan Hesse says:

Really cool video, i love the way you people in the UK fish, everything seems to be tweaked to perfection. Here in sweden we go at it a bit more casually 😀

Tienkamp87 says:

Thanks for the tip about using prawns for bait, going to try it out.

Troy Webster says:

That’s not even fishing it requires no I for what he’s doing

Derek Crist says:

You may not of caught the size you want, but I’d call it a fun trip non the less, you caught multiple species of fish and your skill is unmatched sir. Great video.

Mariana Bautista says:

what kind of bait did you use? i couldn’t make it out

Blanchard Bros says:

those would be considered jumbo where i live… are average are 7-8in perch, ever tried perch meat for perch? that’s how we catch the big ones.

metalfaced0om says:

I love fishing for perch using ultra-lights.. makes fighting a 1 lb perch feel like a 10 lb bass

snap baits says:

some super tips ,great vid

Snapper says:

I’ve never seen someone take so much stuff with them to catch some yellow perch.. A light weight rod and a few packs of beetle spins and you are set for the day with perch.

Jhon Torres says:

Gosh I did not know that with that lil hook you can fish all that

mick myob says:

nice video friend ..I had a few nice perch last season..i tend to use a pole float say 1grm which don’t offer a lot of resistance ..might be worth a try with a big juicy lob

bossy batty says:

You people not in the USA fish really weired

David Williams says:

How would this be done on float (rigs wise)?

existtm says:

Is it just me or you still have the plastic foil on your rod handle?

LuCkY - No - S7eViN says:

Nice tips for me to take on board cheers

TheGoldenDino47 says:

you got quality vids!

Mike Rayner says:

It looks very much like Jason’s lake, I fish the lake myself now and again.

Twizted Vizionz Motorsportz says:

A lot of great tips here. I fish all the time but I didn’t know much about perch. Gonna give them a try. +1 sub

Mr Happy Badger says:

A lot of BS in this video. Dont make shit up, people rely on you for correct info.

grbragg13 says:

Love the slingshot for tossing out the shrimp and maggots

SimpleFishing says:

Gorgeous Perch!

the assassin says:

eels are nice to catch but hard to get the hook out ofthem

royan king says:

hey bro love the video

Sonny Hill says:

I’ve just started fishing and your tips are very useful

Erik Kitvisets says:

Buy a mepps aglia spinner for 5$ in Size 1 or 2 for other species as well , better than spending 2$ for prawns every time. And also use silver for stained/turbid water and gold for clear waters, you can get a painted blade or a plain gold/silver one and to be honest actually, i don’t know what the difference is.

Jim Mcgeachy says:

have you still got the cellophane on your rod handle

Velociraptor Boy says:

my perch are tiny

Khbat Afrin says:

How gram should be the weight of the bullet

AAR512 AAR512 says:

What else did you throw in the green bucket at 4:13? Proms? I think you said is that shrimp?

Alex Godwin says:

Hope you can do some more videos like this . this is my favourite video along with Bream fishing geat video;)

Josh Kuempfel says:

Hi will this ledger rig be okay for quiver tipping with a 20 gram weight? Or is that too light?

Walter Downs says:

Great slingshot did you buy it or did you make it I bought an ordinary one and it didn’t work at all it was too stiff and didn’t have that nice cup and back handle

Double Dee says:

put eels in like the leaves and that so they arent slimy

Max Universe says:

Good video and tips

QwertyPole _ says:

Thanks you it help a lot

Joss Cues says:

I caught a couple of them perch yesterday, the first one was about 14 lbs I reckon, the second one was a lot smaller, about 9 lbs. I lost a really good one to a massive pike, and wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my camera.

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