One of the Most Important things in Bass Fishing – How to Fish

In bass fishing triggering a reaction strike is critical. Bass don’t feed all the time but you can get them to strike even if they don’t want to eat you lure. With these simple bass fishing tips you can catch more fish.
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Fleming Outdoors says:

I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot!

Austin Newman says:

Great video, Gene! Thanks for the info!

Christopher Harpster says:

Great video as always Fluke! Always watching at work while I’m wishing I was fishing!

Micah Dickens says:

Do you have a video I can you make one on how to catch and find feeding Bass

gkarjala says:

Gene”By Golly” Jenson!! Only watch this stuff if you want to learn to fish and be entertained.

Alex Rudd Fishing says:

My favorite bite! I love a good power fishing reaction bite.

Gregg Pelliccia says:

This the FM video I love, keep teaching brother

Frontier Specialized says:

Damn! It’s ole Gene Jensen!

Ryan McCann says:

Hey brother I watched your video on your Alumacraft Pro 185 purchase. Your channel is awesome and I am currently trying to work out a deal on a Pro 185 myself. If I am lucky enough to purchase the boat, I am interested in adding the 2nd and 3rd seat mount pedestals on the bow. I seen that you have 3. Did your boat come equipped like that because the boat I am looking at only has a center mounted pedestal.

Nelly's fishing Adventures says:

Sweer video Gen. Thanx for sharing

da11671 says:

Can you offer any advice on how to be a guide for bass fishing ( NC ). I am not a tournament fisherman just want to share my passion for bass fishing. Become a better bass fisherman and help others.  Thanks for all the video’s and knowledge you share.

Buster Miller says:

Where did u get that jacket!?

will mccoy says:

keep up the great work!

adam slupczynski says:

good staff!


Thanks for another great video Gene.

Terence Tesoroni says:

Hey, Fluke Master, watched this video then ran with a squarebill crankbait to the nearest pond with bass and pulled in a 4 lb chunk. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.

Just Blalock says:

Love your content Gene..Been watching and learning from you for about a year and a half. You’ve helped me so much. Thank you .!!.

Ryan McCann says:

Thank you for your time

Luke 22.36 says:

Love your videos, but sure wish you could lose the hat. lol.

American Pride says:

Can you do a saltwater sunfishing video?

Koba 363 says:

Remember when I was 14 years old watching Jimmy Houston fishing show and an episode where he was down on Gibbons Creek Lake and using double willow gold bladed spinnerbaits in flooded shallow timber…he’d swim it as close to the tree as possible and make the blades hit the tree and it would flip the spinner bait over with the blades flipping from one side to the other and seemed every time e made that spinner bump the trees and make those blades flip over onto different side the bass would blow up massively and inhale the baits…..reaction striking at its best. Never liked spinnerbaits and only time I ever threw them was around logs, flooded trees or bushes and make those blades flip.

wildcat31772 says:

“I’ll spoon anything” – flukemaster 2018

Youha Kim says:

Finally indiana having good weather rolling in

Brandon Chase says:

Touchdown!!!! Alabama wins!!!!!


What are the lures you use with bluebird sky’s and high winds

Andy D says:

curious how does a crankbait into cover work? how do you work it around vegetation and laydown? just seems like a nightmare to me

Southern BourbonDrinker says:


those reactions strikes are CRUCIAL!!!

freshwaterbassin14 says:

Make a video of your new units

Pkdarkan says:

How do you choose topwater depending on conditions? This last full moon I went fishing for about 6 hours (afternoon till night) with not a single bite and I used every bit of my tackle. When the moon came out bass started to eat on top.. I miss a hit with a popper and a friend with a frog.. It was hell, and I am very possitive that those bass where big BIG. Got redemption a few days ago but.. those beast where nowhere to be found. Saludos de Sinaloa, Mexico Fluke

Alex Smith says:

Nice video, I’ll try out some of this at Stick Marsh this weekend. Will you ever be down that way again? I live in Sebastian and I’d love to hit the water with you and get on some fish at Stick Marsh or the river.

angela sheppard says:

Good info. Thanks for sharing.

mike c says:

Thank you

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