Neko Rig Fishing Tips & Tricks Pt. 1: How To Set It Up

The Neko rig has busted onto the bass fishing scene in the last few years and for good reason. This rig is one of the best for when the bite is tough and you need a finesse presentation.

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The Neko rig requires three components: a soft plastic worm, a nail weight, and a small Neko rig hook. First, take the nail weight and slide it into the head of the worm. Next, rig the Neko hook through the back of the worm with the hook point facing the end of the worm opposite the nail weight. Lastly, tie on the fully assembled Neko rig to a rod and reel spooled up with light fluorocarbon and start catching fish!

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9thchild says:

I usually use a smaller hook and instead of hooking it the way he does in this video, just wacky rig it a little further toward the nose than you normally would.

Camden Miley says:

The old guy in the background looks at SB like he is insane

Timothy Mitchell says:

I Learned this year’s ago, but know it as Gary Yamamotos chicken rig.

Josh Kroll says:

Use tungsten not lead lol too big to put in those little Neko worms

Jack Ladlie says:

Any particular knot to tie?

Stephen Kapushoc says:

Will this be effective with an O-ring to hold the hook?

Drew Ashmore says:

Do a giveaway

Poisoned Films says:

Love mystery tacklebox

Dakota Bedard says:


Aaron's Outdoor says:

They should do another finesse essentials catch co box with those worms in it

Two Bent Rods says:

Absolutely love the Neko rig. Super effective in pressured waters. Great video guys

Bassmaster 9000 says:


Hector Padilla JR says:

Do you need to use a leader or can i straight rig it to my braided line?

Phishy Phanatics says:


Bass Fishing says:

My Favorite Lure wacky Worm

Christian Solanet says:

First like and comment

BassGeek says:

If you put an o-ring on you can save your worms. You can also leave the hook tip in the worm for a more weedless presentation.

Daniel González says:

Como consigo ese tipo de plomo??

Zachary Shott says:

Just started playing with this technique, but like it already.

Matt Noojin says:

I almost expected grandpa to go flipping when a drive by fone user got him

Alex Park says:

I got all 3 of these in my MTB today, excited to try it out!

Ryan Strayer says:

You also need a floating worm, otherwise it will just lay flat.

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