Ned Rig – Catch More Bass With These Simple Tips

After using the Ned Rig heavily this past year we’ve formed strong opinions about baits, colors, head sizes, and gear. Its time to revisit the topic and really break down the specific tackle that we have had the best success with.

There are a variety of “Ned” baits on the market but Tim has found 2 that really stand out from the crowd. His preferred baits are the original Finesse T.R.D. by Z Man, and the 3″ Roboworm Ned Worm. Tim’s best success has come on natural colors fished with the minimum weight necessary to maintain bottom contact.

Below is a breakdown of the baits, hooks, colors, and gear that we’ve had the best success with while fishing this Midwest Finesse technique.

The Worms…

-Roboworm Ned Worm:
Tim’s Favorite Colors- Green Pumpkin, Desert Craw, Prism Shad.
Matt’s Favorite Colors- Margarita Mutilator, Peoples Worm.

-Z Man Finesse TRD:
Tim’s Favorite Colors- Green Pumpkin, Mud Bug, Smelt
Matt’s Favorite Colors- Green Pumpkin Goby, Junebug

The Hooks…

-Z-Man Finesse Mushroom Head:
-Z-Man HD Lockz Head:
-Owner Block Head Jig Head:

Tim’s Preferred Combo…

Rod- Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Spinning Rod 7’6″ ML –
Reel- Shimano Exsence Spinning Reel 3000:
Line- 12 lb Sunline SX1 Braid:
Leader- 6 lb Sunline Sniper:

Great All-Around Combo…

Rod- Shimano Zodias Spinning Rod 7’3″ Med Lt:
Reel- Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500:
Line- 10 lb Power Pro Braid:
Leader- 6 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Bait Storage Container…

-Plano Waterproof Stowaway 3740:

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Sun Mask:
Sun Shirt w/ Hood:
Light Fishing Pants:
Reaper Hoodie (Hoodie with Warm Face Cover built in):
Horizon Sweater (Water resistant, great for layering):

Equipment We Recommend…

Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor:
Minn Kota Battery Charger:
Humminbird Solix 15 Electronics:
Minn Kota Talons:
Wireless Talon Foot Switch:

Favorite Pliers:
Favorite Split Ring Pliers:
Favorite Wire Cutters:
Favorite life jacket:
Favorite sunglasses:
Hero7 Camera:
ElectroSamson Scale:
Promar Net:

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Michael Morgan says:

If you guys have ever fished the Tokyo rig, I would like to hear your comments/video about that. I really enjoy your videos and associated links!

Ryan Franklin says:

Another Great Vid!! Thank you to the fellas at Tactical Bassin

Mr B Lure Company says:

Great info Tim. Excellent video. Nice job.

Steven Jackson says:

Can you use this in lakes/ponds that don’t have hard bottom? I am in FL and grass is everywhere and muddy bottom

Pickle rick says:

I’ve been on the same Ned rig since July and the hooks is starting to bend now


Love the video man and I use a 7’3″ medium light white bird for my neds love it

Nathan C says:

I’ve had some good bites with the ned rig but I’ve come across a problem.. the Z-Man’s mushroom jig hook is so light that they get bent out all the time. I’ve lost a couple of nice bass because of this. Anyone have recommendations on heavier ned rig hooks?

Terry Johnson says:

Yet another great video,Tim. Nice to see the ladies catching keepers. Was glad to hear you mention the soup produced by cohabitation of superplastics and regular plastics. Ruined several Planos and gobs of plastics cooking that up. One thing you might address another time: when/if to use weedless Ned rig hooks vs. non-weedless.

fishermanmitch1 Salzman says:

I really like the Z man elaztech products, they float, and resemble a defenseless craw better than anything. Roboworm products just lay down. JMO. Great videos. always great content all info no junk. Keep em coming.

Daniel Harris says:

Great content.What knot do you guys use to tie your leaders? Just learned of the f g knot haven’t had a chance to try it out. What are your thoughts on it.

eetechTom says:

Great point about the longer plastics, they stop being a Ned rig at that point.

Calling all bass Morgan says:

Any advice for when the water is an has green slim? Will be grabbing a nedrig for sure.

RAD says:

Damn I need to start doing videos this technique is 18-years old, no disrespect Tactical Bass

fishing with BassingArOund says:

I like the Ned rig and catches a bunch of fish but the TRD baits melt when my backpack when it hot out I just cut sanko s

Kevin Stivers says:

I love the video but what do you use or what changes when you fish the bank and not from the boat???

Nathan Fleming says:

So is the Ned rig good in murky or stained water

Hunter Walker says:

Also with the zmans they do not do well in heat either

Bravo Bassin says:

I love the ned rig always have one tied on one of my rods!!

JonBoat Tommy says:

Z-man products are hard to rig and melt at really low temps.

Charles Robertson says:

The water clarity in my bayou doesn’t allow me to fish this tiny bait. Also too many stumps , lay downs , branches and grass. Down at the bridge is the only rock I have access to and I’ve probably lost more lures down their than most have ever owned!

Richard Bossman says:

Elaztic doesn’t contain salt right? If so are these safe to store pre-rigged ( in an appropriate container) ? I figure having them pre-rigged would save on time especially during some of the colder months with cold/wet fingers.

AZ Viking says:

I actually lightly pop my Ned rig a bit instead of just dragging it. Basically I do what I’d do with a Texas rig but 5 times less dramatic and I’ve gotten great results

Nicole Wilkes says:

What about some finness worms muddy water when jigs wont get it done?

Billy Martin says:

You guys are the best teaching channel. Y’all have been around for years. I just can’t understand why more people arent subscribed??

Wayn Jul says:

Thanks for the great tips on the Ned Rig. You caught some huge bass. I like a lot of color choices.

Northern Angler: Kayaking and Ice Fishing says:

You guys are the best!

Skeeter18 ssangus4934 says:

Great vid thanks

dee hart says:

Have y’all used any of the do it molds jig heads?

Rodney Hanbaum says:

Thanks again for another super informative Video!! Keep up the great work!!!

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