Throughout all the years I’ve been bass fishing, this may be the most important tip I ever learned. Just like many of you, I love to throw braided line. It’s sensitive, low in stretch, and lasts a long time. But what happens when the water is clear? By doing this quick and easy modification to your line, you can virtually make your line invisible to the fish! If you enjoyed this quick bass fishing tips and tricks video make sure to subscribe, like, and leave a comment. Thanks for watching and tight lines!!!

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matthew walker says:

do more tips

Matthew Bronson says:

So I did this before right, with the sharpie. I noticed an slight “oil slick” that was behind my lure as I pulled it in. Thoughts?

Riley Farrington says:

or you could just tie on a leader

Josh Migues says:

Question: Don’t we use dark color baits in order to be more visible in stained water or low light conditions? I would assume this would make the line even more visible using that logic.

Brandon Galvan says:

Put like how do attract the fish because I throw my rod and I don’t get anything

ricky_the_rebel says:

buy darker green line lol

Tanner Michael Ruprecht says:

Sorry if you’ve done one already, but could you do something about braided vs mono vs fluoro? I use mono because I fish a lot of panfish but I sometimes do walleye and pike and trying to get into bass so I wanna know what the best would be

Fishful_thinking18 Savard says:

I’ve never heard of this being done so I’m pretty pumped on trying this since I live in northern Ontario, lots of clear water

felix r says:

why do you what the fish to be able to see your line???????

ALONZO,welding #Oldham,jigs says:

You NAILED!! it down to the bottom, I would do this ,actually coppied this technique from to guys that would fallow TERRY OLDHAM from Wimberley, Texas the creator of Oldham screw lock 1.5oz jigs perfect for thick matts of hydrilla sitting in 30ft water in main lake points and creeks at Lake Amistad back in 99′ through 2005.We would nail those pigs out of that grass,just like the ones on my pick

Deana Flowers says:

Thanks for the tip.

Bass Bro says:

Very helpful caught a bunch yesterday

Kirko says:

What about black braid???

Joshua Lyon says:

Then why dont you just use fireline? Its black and tbh wayyyyy more durable then power pro

the mad boss says:

Tell us what ponds you go to in Texas

Lyric Derbin says:

Brad lewendowski says:

thanks works great

Dillon Valdez says:

Why would I color my line,why not just leave it alone?

First name Last name says:

Quick question what’s wrong with using braid for crankbaits?

James Werner says:

Thanks for the tip.

Nick Rappa says:

Fucking ass

TAGZ says:

well now Kastking sells blackops braid

Lawrence Yeomans says:

I’ve caught more fish then this kid has seen idk why I’m even watching lol

gonegetmind17ify says:

how do you sent your line



Lu Rodz says:

I’ve always been interested if line color matters!

Pe Pe says:

30-50 pound braid? Sound a little over kill for beginners.

gonegetmind17ify says:

so that means you don’t have to have a leader

forrest forrest says:

Black is a really easy to see color in clear water. Super easy. Anyways, like other posters said. Get floro and learn to tie a floro knot.

Ronnie Escalante says:

I live in L.A dose anyone now of great fishing lakes out here

jeff nelson says:

Fucking gay ass

Kaylob Young says:

What reels does he use?

Damon Trostel says:

That’s a great idea. But what kind of chemicals are in that sharpy that may be leeching out into the water. (As I am a fisherman myself) just curious.

JoshE_TV says:

Liked it bro just wanna see more of the old stuff

Impeach Trump says:

regarding your comment about using a Sharpie I’ve always wondered why isn’t it popular or widely available to get and use black braid? I’m a huge braid fan myself and I use dark green.

WW08EvoX says:

Quick and to the point. I love it!

Wild Borego says:

tie a leader

missinfishinoutdoors Dakota redig says:

dose this work with mono

Thomas Lee Brown says:

I’m impressed !

Tim Austin says:

What do you think of this?: Fish KNOW there’s line in the water because they feel its action with the nerves of their lateral line. Because of the lure, they ignore the line. Try this experiment: Remember the last billboard that got your attention? What color was the scaffold that held it? Just a thought.

Jason King says:

We want live action and results

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