Jig Fishing For Beginners – Jigging Rigs, Tips & Tactics

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Jig Fishing For Beginners – Jigging Rigs, Tips & Tactics

For this latest episode, with a big thanks to retail tackle giants Angling Direct, we try something a little different as we head off for a spot of Jig fishing, with fishing guide Jonny Stephenson. Jonny is an expert in this field and has fished all around the world, he also runs his own guiding business and is sponsored by lure fishing supremo’s Spro.

What we know about Jig fishing can be written on the back of a postage stamp, so we head into the session complete novices, hoping to pick Jonnys brains about all things Jig related, including rigs, tips and general all-round tactics.

If you are already a seasoned jig/lure fishing angler then this probably won’t be the video for you, but if you’re not and you fancy having a go at it yourself (like we did) then you may find it useful.

To find out exactly how we got on and to perhaps find out a few tips along the way, watch this latest installment, from the waters edge.

As usual we hope you enjoy it and any feedback is always much appreciated.

Tight Lines

From The Waters Edge TV


Outlaw BowHunter says:

dang, I suck at fishing with jigs and plastics

SAIDsoe says:

so with a jig they are naturally weighted? i.e. I don’t need to worry about putting weights or a float above it? thanks from an American. I’m getting bored of fishing sinkers with powerbait

snap baits says:

another great video guys

Chris Bigg says:

Excellent video. Love this style of fishing. Will be holidaying in Norfolk this year is there plenty of opportunity to fish this and dropshot style?

James Wingert says:

seconds and accuracy. best tip ever

Why So Salty Fishing says:

Cool Vid! Have a look at and subscribe to our channel! We certainly have some badass fishing edits coming soon!

stuntznfx says:

Great video guys! Cheers!

Jonny Torres says:


Batz PFS Addict says:

Top video

Thomas Sheeran says:

what breaking strain was the braid? great vid

xXDemonFoxXx9 says:

When fishing with soft plastics, what size rod should you go with? Like what action, length, sensitivity, etc?

Don smith says:

Great video. Will use a lot of your tips ! Brilliant!

meghan shortt says:

lads top video just new to drop shot and sort lures .can yous help do I need to buy expensive rod reel size of rod and what best reel I got sixft spinning rod and rovex 3000 whit 15ob braid wold I go bigger just money is tight a moment. good tips in video will be looking at more.tight lines.

zai j says:

what if the water isnt that clear? can i still use this method?

Mn hm says:

Interesting video.
Here is an interesting t shirt for fishing lovers.

EgyptRomance says:

where do you buy those sinkers?

Matt Wesley says:

i was out at “ANUVA”

Cooper Becraft says:

my 2 favs for walleye and pike swirl tail grubs and crank baits.

anime/amv city says:

this video is very interesting

daniel hilton says:

Hi what is the trace wire called please

tulllguy says:

is Keith Moon the host?

Craig Gamble says:

fishing is weird. I thought I was using a proper rig and not catch anything. then a friend made small adjustments with the bobber and sinker and then all of a sudden I couldn’t miss. it’s beyond me. . .

bob mc says:

What are the weights called on the worm hooks

bob mc says:

thanks for the info

Peter Edwards says:

is there a time of year when UL jig fishing is simply not effective? I did really well in the margin of my local canal last summer, but started going again this April 2016 and haven’t had a bean so far. Even though the canals are exempt from the close season, as far as UL jig fishing is concerned, is it better to observe the 15th March – 15th June close season?

lkjyuiop says:

I got a 380 buck rod and can’t catch shit

Darren Bunch says:

Can you tell me a make of rod a reel to start with please

Hectic Gaming says:

How do you know wether you’ve got a bite

Tyler McBride says:

Hello how deep are you supposed to go with those and what fish can you catch

kushy04 says:

@2:22 i heard shots and thought I was playing Rust or CSGO…

Tracie Klemenhagen says:

Where to find the quick change weights u were using so u can switch jigs quick

seanfishingtexas says:

what brand of padle tails in video,those colors are awsome

Ryann Large says:

With this colder weather the fish have the feed bag on so I’ve been doing some vertical jigging by kayak launches and rocky walls. Micro tackle for the change of pace and experience

Broken Heart says:

sir i want this. how can it possible? pls rply

zepharos says:

I bought a rod for 20$ and a set of jigs for 2$ and catch walleyes near me all the time. I subbed simply for the truth the guy stated you don’t need hundreds of dollars or pounds of gear. a 20$ lure or a 1$ lure, if the fish aren’t hungry they simply will not strike no matter how much money you spend.

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