Ice Fishing 101: Best Beginner Rod/Reel/Line/Bait & Safety Tips

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After my first ice fishing excursion a few days ago I got a ton of good feedback and questions from viewers regarding some beginner ice fishing questions/tips. In today’s video, I outline equipment you need to start ice fishing, safety tips before heading out on the ice, and products that will help you stay warmer and catch more fish.

1:57 – Rod Giveaway Winner
3:25 – Ice Fishing Safety Tips
3:46 – How thick does the ice need to be?
5:35 – 3 Pieces of Equipment for Safety
6:55 – Auger Advice
8:48 – Ice Scoop
9:07 – Rod/Reels/Line for Ice Fishing
11:13 – Baits for Ice Fishing
11:35 – Tear Drops
12:42 – Spoons
13:24 – Jigging Rap
14:38 – Live Bait Tips for Ice Fishing
16:12 – Hut/Shanty Styles
18:25 – Heaters for Ice Fishing
19:04 – Electronics for Ice Fishing
22:16 – Using Tip-ups

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great tips, just bought an ice 35 a week ago, i love the thing caught way more fish with it just need the shanty and heater next.

nathan taylor says:

Where I live the water is almost always murky. An the wind always seems to blow towards the bank no matter what side of the lake I’m on. What would you recommend using?

eaglemansamjc says:

Try to catch a drum through the ice. Lol

Nomad damoN says:

If only we could ice fish in the summer… look forward to the lure painting vids.

Ethan Aschenbrenner says:

Good vid. Wear your picks around your neck so you’ll have them when you need them. Power augers take arm strength as well. Tip up line will be greatly appreciated so you don’t wreck your hands.

BrightShaymin_ says:

East coast is cold as shit, have fun in the blizzard lol

errey reyes says:

Where did you got your boot and you gays are so cool than my videos but me and my friend only have ten only and you gays are super cool so cool super cool amazing

Fisher ofMN says:

just bought a razr electric auger 8”. So far the thing rips through quick and the battery lasts long. Can’t beat it for around 300$

Liams House says:

Good info…I live in Texas but good stuff my man.

Matt Montoya says:

Good info!

Rick Kaufman says:

I want a Zark winter hat.

Huntin Fishin says:

I bought ice cleats at Walmart and they cost 12 dollars I thought Walmart is cheap like wtf

Dolo Ahcnig says:


YoungTenkaraAngler says:

I’m so glad to see you haven’t quit YouTube

Douglas Weber says:

Awesome video

Tyler Reece says:

My names not Eric turner I think u got something mixed up lol

Ali Husain says:

Super sick video

Michael Welch says:

I live in Omaha too I love FISHING

Wired 4 Fishing says:

This is amazing. I just started ice fishing

Terry Doner says:

Looking forward to tomorrow’s video and shared it

Jason Walls says:

Excellent information….Why didn’t you make this video 20 years ago…lol…might have kept me from going in up to my shoulders in the middle of the lake…:)

Tyler Leachman says:

We’re can you be this stuff at Milliken

Andrew Snyder says:

Lookung forward to you getting into some sick walleye through the ice. Great posts and information.

vika dubinets says:

catch and cook large mouth bass

Zachary Shott says:

Lots of good tips for beginners

Willliam Gillispie says:

Great video as always. I will try this as soon as I can get out on the ice. I’m a big guy also 250lbs so I will not go out until it’s 4 ” or more.

Richard Peebles says:


Fishing Channel says:

nice tips

Token DFS says:

Awesome video man. I just got an Eskimo a few weeks ago and used it the other day cut through 4 inches no problem

Evan Loback says:

Good video. Very helpful. Thank you.

Thaddeus Jobs says:

Hand auger when you have 18+ of ice out there 😉 but really if your are getting into it hand is all you need. But make friends on the ice if you live up north. Power will save time and you wont get all worked up when its really cold out.

Ian Kehler says:

I’ve ice fished many, many seasons in my life, and I just have a couple of suggestions to add…
1. where da Swedish Pimples at?!?!?!?
2. if you’re gonna stick around in one spot, kick some snow up around the base of your shelter, it keeps the wind from blowing through.

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