How to start fishing

This video is aimed towards viewers new to fishing. In this video I tell you all about how to get started fishing.

It is kinda long, but I really do think I did a pretty good job at hitting the basics.

Check out my other video “basic fishing stuff” for a little more info on hooks, baits, lures, knots, line, and other basic stuff.

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Connie Lim says:

Ya…..keep fishing fish ……*cough* *cough* lame and boring…….

marckytubehd official says:

Your so handsome

jhodgepodge says:

thanks for this vid big guy!

Ärk Dïñøs ! says:

Thank you very much it’s my first time only cought one but the vid really did help

Zachswildlife says:

Great video I might do one like this on my channel

Adrian Morales says:

“Yeah you put the thing…and that does . . .that. thank you for watching.”

Darren Lewis says:

Good video

TeQuie Clinkscale says:

Nice video

Caden D says:

I know how I am board.

Big Draco says:

Good video buddy

Isaiah adkins says:

very informative, Thank you!

Beary Good Beans says:

At 63, I’m looking for new things to engage my brain. Your patient video helps a lot, thank you. WARM greetings from TOronto!

hueco mundo says:

thank you fat hill billy kid

Driggy VEVO says:

thanks for teaching me! great knowledge!

Emperal says:


Alexandria Marquez says:


arrilies biggs says:


Paul gonzalez says:

Thanks man

Enya Dankerlui says:

Thank you Very much For your video Caleb!

randy mcinnis says:

get the fuck outta here ]

Assasin Wanniang says:

Thats how to make a, fishing video

Lance Austin says:

You’re a cool guy- and an excellent teacher!

wave_jd Robinson says:

I go fishing evey weekend after school

CrazyVideosHD says:

Great video!

lith iyum says:

Hook you were using probably wasnt ideal size, probably why you kept losing the fish in the beginning

braden the beast says:

I drive the hook from the bottom to the top. Through the middle

Sumegh Korgaonkar says:

nice video caleb…wanted to know do you have any advice for fishing on beach from the shore…tegarding hook size or say type of bait…

Benjamin Marin says:

This video is what helped me to start fishing a couple of years ago.

david borunda says:

You suck lmao

Assasin Wanniang says:


Robloxian Gamer says:

u r c0ol

OneCupSugar says:

Thanks so much for this video! cutie! xo~

YoUnG BanDit says:

Like ur vid man

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