How To Start Fishing Any Lake for Beginners- Tips and Techniques

Here are a few tips / setups for lake fishing for beginners. I hope this helps you get started! If it’s a new lake or a lake you don’t know, make sure to stop by the local bait shop or do a quick web search. Remember, minnows and worms are always a great start.

Thanks for watching, and as always, Good Luck Fishing!


Fishing With Lou says:

thanks for the tips i’ll need to go try those out

#eatmunchies says:

Do u need a fishing license 100%? And I’m in Canada

charlesskier says:

Great video Zack
I’ve been trying to learn how to cast a fly rod. It’s definitely easier said than done. Lol

Tony Taylor says:

Good job!!!
This is the best video I have seen for beginners.

Stevie D says:

Hi Zack,
Superb video. Simple and straight to the point and uncomplicated for beginners.
This will help a ton of people.
Your videos are very slick Zack, you certainly know your stuff.
Best as always,
Steve in Scotland.

James McKinney says:

Great video. Nice tips for beginners.

Reggindriver1 says:

You’re so vascular you look like a map bro

George Tellez says:

Love it!! Going to a new lake this Saturday and was looking for some tips, this nailed everything Soo well I am definitely subscribing!!

Fishing Channel says:

cool vid and tips, thumbs up

Treasure Tracker says:

Cool! Would 8 lbs mono work for bass and catfish?

Moondog9322 says:

Another great video! Very informative and well-explained. You’re becoming my go-to youtube angler! Keep up the good work.

Big A says:

Great video

Soccer Skills says:

Very helpful

jamani1086 says:

good job zack. one thing i tell beginners is if you can afford it, and i know many can not, but if you can, hire a guide for a half day. ask around, find one who is “beginner friendly”, and you will not regret it. they will gladly share tons of info with you while you are fishing with them.

Paul Diaz says:

what kind of pole do you have for the bass and catfish?

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