How to free a snagged fishing hook in a river (Genie in a bottle trick)

How to UN SNAG your fishing tackle. Learn how to avoid loosing anymore fishing gear with this cool simple trick. Free your snagged fishing hook every time and never loose a hook again. Captain Quinn demonstrates this thrifty fishing trick in this short fishing quick tip series.

Captain Quinn Quick Tip #1
How to free a snagged hook or weight with the “Genie in Bottle” technique. Watch as Captain Quinn demonstrates how to use a 2 litre pop bottle as a very useful tool for freeing snagged fishing tackle while fishing in moving water such as rivers.

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Thanks to Erich Dusdal for teaching us the Genie in a Bottle trick!

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Raymond Garcia says:

dude did you see that big fish jumping

Street Starr says:

How cool and simple! Definitely have to try next time I get snagged. Any suggestions for snags without a current?

It_Ethan _here says:

Dude this worked for me 2 times

Lorr S says:


Kevin McBigPP says:

I snag logs not rocks. Anybody can remove a snag from rocks

Dragonking0001 says:

dang I wished I would have found this video sooner I just lost a really high priced lure.. awesome video anyway with this I’ll never lose another one thanks dude

Steven Dawood says:


Captain Quinn says:

Hello All,
Thank you for the great response to this video. I wanted to write a short comment to let you know that Erich Dusdal, the man who deserves sole credit for the genie in a bottle concept, left this world last night at the age of 92. A veteran of WWII and a consummate outdoors-man, Erich could often be seen deploying his “genie in a bottle”. His claim was that he could bar fish all year and loose only 2 or 3 weights, compared to the dozens that are typically lost by bar fishermen. When Erich’s family learned the video had been viewed nearly 400 000 times, they were blown away.
Thank you Erich, and God Speed!!

Ballong Pappan says:

Nice tip, you got any tecniques for lake fishing to?

Joshua Snyder says:

That was awsome Ive lost so much lead and gear at my favorite fishing spot that ive been fishing for 5+ years now I will be trying this trick tonight when I go catfishing but I wonder if it will work when I have a fish on the line? Alot of times Ill hook into a catfish and they will swim up under a rock or ledge and I cant pull them out.

EggsAblaze says:

What I do is a pull the Line until it is tight, flip the bale, and walk to the left or right. (or I give it a little tug.

Eric Lara says:

O hell ya

Valter Chão says:

did you see the big fish at 2:15 minutes? tanks for the tip…

Spuge saatana says:

fiah jumped in film

MrAlwaysright1980 says:

Captain queers tips more like!

Munks says:

You have your microphone input volume way to high

EraseMeWhole says:

Good idea, I understand the science behind it but no fucking way it’ll ever work when I try it.

YourMOM131415 says:

I have applied this technique on piers and docks in north cal bay area!!! works great feels so good not to lose your gear to the water gods

Darren Brooks says:

I’m from the south so would a soda bottle work instead? Not sure we sell pop down here.

Thomas Capital says:

Great trick

Gunawan Sm says:

smart trick broo

Ammar Alrefai says:


Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

Great tip…#RayMackStyle

Paul nye Dela Cruz says:

nigga ain’t go fishing!

tiefsa says:

Love it!

Kyle Mann says:

Who saw the fish jump at the bottom at 2:13

MilkandCookiezz says:

0:45 I half expected him to say “… your half way there. Now full up the rest”

Mr. Defiant says:

Fish jumps up at 2:10

EaZe B says:

You deserve a lot more subs

Valter Chão says:

did you see the big fish at 2:15 ?
tanks for the tip!!!

Christopher Ellis says:

You missed the big fish that popped up to take a look at you

bullhurley74 says:

this guy is a fucking fagalo who probably smells like piss and petrulli oil cut your fucking hair

Not an Eyelash says:

No way

Gabriel Noguera says:

is a good idea!
No more lost fishing lure!
I say hello from Costa Rica!

Fire Squirrel says:

You people act you never saw a fish jump out of water did any one see the girl flash her top at 2.53

carson nelsen says:

That was inappropriate

Hugo Marcelo Airali says:

Hello, Thanks from Argentine for this video, it is a very good idea.

Mika Kurikka says:


i redsky says:

Cpt. Harley Quinn?

Matt Davis says:

I’m sure it’s lose not loose

Shelby Freeman says:

nice fish at 2:13 in the video

Felix-The-Ghost says:

Get her loose with this one weird trick™

Nipun Lakmal says:

Thanks cap

Min says:

nice tips


Not bad. Not bad at all

Matthew Cupelli says:

Who the fuck figured this out

Dave Philpott says:

in Great Britain in the late 1800’s they did this with a shaped and weighted piece of wood called an otter. All angler carried one because tackle and line was too expensive to loose. They now command good money from collectors of antique fishing tackle. just goes to show nothing is new.

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