How to Fish Muddy Water – Bass Fishing Tips in the Spring

Muddy water conditions can be intimidating. I to put together a detailed bass fishing tips video on how to fish when the bass can’t see. Some of the best bass Fishing of the year can come when the water gets dirty.
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jason h says:

Firetiger ain’t no joke for any lure!

Matt Hunter says:

Gene. Love your videos. But I can’t stand the music you started throwing in here.

Tyson Adams says:

Keep it up Gene. This is the stuff we want to see. Ordering my first boat today, nothing fancy but I can’t wait to apply what I learned over the years from you off a boat. Thank you.


Great content.. I just caught my personal best a few days ago on black and blue Tx rig pitching to cover. I didn’t k ow about the water going down and then moving back off. Thanks for that!

Javan Dunn says:

An you do a video on how to fish a rocky clear lake in the spawn

Kelly Collischonn says:

You do a great job with these instructional videos, and I like how you don’t spend the first five minutes of your videos trying to sell me stuff (*cough cough Andrew Flair cough*).

Russell Tyson says:

Thanks Gene!! Another great video!

Larry Moffatt says:

Hey Gene: No links to any of the tackle. Looks like you were preparing to put them in but uploaded without them.

Bass Nazi says:

Guess all this rain we have had muddying the waters here in Alabama has still been pouring across the line in Georgia from this video lol.

Cody Deskins says:

Great video Gene! Love this content. All your videos are awesome but the informative videos are my favorite!!! Keep it up and thanks for sticking to your roots and not just doing videos for views.

Jeff Cachero says:

Are you teaming up with Matt Allen from tactical bassin?

WMM M says:

Absolutely outstanding!!! Thank you

diesel_fishing says:

Ah yes a vintage Fluke master instructional without the feeling of being hi jacked by a certain tackle box company or rod company…welcome back

Asphalt Nomad says:

Great vid Gene! Quick question, just got the concept Z, any suggestions on what rod I put it on?

Kevin H. says:

Gene…I am in a fishing funk brother. Went to Gville this last weekend and they had a college FLW tournament going. The weather wasn’t as good as it was the week before when the lows were in the mid 50’s, instead we got lows in the upper 30s and they had rain come in right before we went down there. I figured it was going to push the bass out a little bit and fishing wasn’t going to be as good as it was the week before we got there. There was over 200 boats for this tournament and one third of them didn’t have a fish to weigh. Since we were there for only a couple days we really didn’t have time to idle around the lake and check the depth finder properly. There was a lot of Eel Grass and such so I was hopeful to stick to fishing pockets around the grass. Can you help me or direct me to a video where you address locating fish and how to put together a game plan before even throwing a bait in the water. Maybe I’m just overthinking it but when you come away from fishing Guntersville with just catching one drum and no bass all weekend I guess that’ll do it to you… Keep up the good work and tight lines from a flukemaster fan from Kentucky

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