How to fish for bluegill, crappie, perch. Panfish fishing tips, bait under bobber

Some quick tips to help you have success when starting out fishing for bluegill, crappie, or other panfish.


Dee Piper says:


MR GUPPY 101 says:

Good stuff

kao chang says:

i know how this rig works but i think that you guys should have shown how it actually works rather than talking about it. or show u actually catching fish. it would be more useful to those who are beginners

Chris Ortiz says:

very useful information! thank you T O P!

Patty Bell says:

I like using bobber method too

JamarCigar says:

put a split shot on there.. Don’t want your bait floating….

Tom Wujciak says:

when you say “you can watch that video here” there is not link, the video shows up on the screen but it is not clickable. Just drop it in the description please.

Mr. Tbag says:

I love keeping my rigs virtually weightless when bobber fishing to keep that bobber laying sideways. Especially for light bites from crappies, gets them every time.

Anthony L. Mcghee says:

I enjoyed your video there’s just one issue with your setup. You are using a clip bobber, you should really look into using a slide bobber. Reason being a clip bobber creates a pinch point, or kink in your line. That a very good point for your line to break. Any questions on how to use this better rig let me know.

Blaine Lee says:

Stop talking and start fishing.

Michael Supple says:

Nice video….thanks.


Do you have legs because you look like lieutenant Dan

Patty Bell says:

cool video thanks from Minnesota I’m a women fisher

Crypt Curse says:

Will gold spoons work?

sandovaljulio says:

how far are panfish usually from the shore

Braulio Castillo says:

Lieutenant Dan?

Christopher andrew says:

You look just like joe dirt!
That’s awesome!
Is that the look you were going for or did it come natural?

Salmon And Trout says:

3 pound bluegill and 17 inches yup i am getting it mounted

Nick Myers says:

I actually enjoyed this. Nice video

DRJGD666 says:

Pro tip: Get your own farm pond.
You won’t be able to catch anything besides scary big catfish and bluegill.

TyMinnesota says:

Crappie/panfish: SMALL white mister twister with a black jig head. Fluflu comes in at #2. Heck with raps or beetle spins. Of course, waxies & a cork always work.

As far as ice fishing goes, get a graph & some tungstens & jig for them with waxies -even crappies!

Steve K. says:

look for a new tattoo artist, they suck

binky says:

You’re a good teacher and your production values are great. Thanks!

Paddle and Hook says:

Nice video, good tips 🙂

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