How To Fish Crankbaits (Bass Fishing Tips)

In this bass fishing tips video I teach you how to fish crankbaits to catch more bass. When it comes to crankbait fishing there are a lot of simple techniques that can help you get more bites. I show you multiple different bass fishing tips about crankbaits and also ways to work your bait and the key crankbait colors to use.
Hope you all enjoy !

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Do a video on what size weights to use for what and what rod models are good for what

B.J. Harris says:

another great tips and trick video sir I love these last few videos you have been doing they have a lot of helpful tips and tricks and this one you did today I been looking for a good square bill video and you nailed it sir wish you would do like some of your fall go to baits and how you fish them and tips and tricks you use to help you get more fish but no matter thanks sir loved it

Team Wagy says:

Tackle Tuesday? haha

David Ocasek says:

$25 Walmart challenge. Rod, reel, line, bait, and terminal!

ultimacia57 says:

Im having trouble in canals its been some time since i got anything, some tips for me?

Freddy Huff says:

Where and when to throw fall baits in creeks channels.

Luis Almestica says:

Could you put a link of your rod and reel from amazon on there or something please I want to start bass fishing badly and I look up to your vids on helping me and learning

Tyler Albertson says:

I would love to see a megabass popmax on your show

Spencer G says:

Chatterbait video please! Like if agree

Marie Patty says:

Great Tips!

William Everett says:

How in the world do u cast like that I’m getting into baitcasters but dang…. im a carp angler and use spinning reels with bait runners but getting into bass fishing


Noah, I got a high school bass tourney in early December, and I could really use some help!! The lake is possum kingdom and I’ve never fished it from boat, only from shore. I could really use help not just for that lake but for fishing NEW lakes and how to fish them!!

David Wamsley says:

Just wanted to say thanks because your tips just helped me catch my pb largemouth bass. 7 lbs thanks

CamoCraft Fishing says:

How to catch fish using jigs

Art CMBDIA says:

I peppered that like button. I actually used a square billed crankbait for the first time over the weekend. I had no clue how to use it. Turns out that theyre suppose to float. It took me a while to realize that cranking it will sink it. I had fun but there were no bites on the water. I wasn’t the only one not catching anything

Kyle Powers says:

Do a video where you go to walmart or something and get the “necessities” for a beginner to go fishing

Gabassin.16 Drake says:

Do a bass fishing video on the hooch next time u come up to ATL

jsavely says:

A kayak challenge between you and the flukemaster.

bassin'withjackson says:

Thanks for the tips It really helped me. Also I have a concept z also how do you clean yours. I’ve heard people just run it under water because of the 0 ball bearing but I don’t know what to do

Malice23 says:

Jerkbait tips

Jacob Corcoran says:

What can I do to get my pitching and flipping better I see you do it like bread and butter

Caliyak Fishing says:

Do you punch, flip and pitch in thick cover?

Hampton Shull says:

Finished 14 in a high school tournament at lake Keowee yesterday.

Gonzer 13 says:

Chatterbaits and trailers

Baked BeansBoy says:

Fluorocarbon or mono?

Patti Pescitelli says:

Great Video!!

Infantry Outdoors says:

Nice work. Good tips.

Elyasib38 says:

A video on telling the difference between jerk and rip baits…

wolfpack 1020 says:

Do lipless crankbait plz

JBake502 says:

I appreciate you taking a min to make tip vids. It really helps to see the tactics in action.

Aleksa Bordejevic says:

frog fisin likee

plain and simple says:


Jeff Eaton says:

Keep the tip videos coming!

Daniel Silverman says:

Awesome day!!!
Hey stick with a known ratio then crank fast your slow.
That was crazy!!
How would you fish it from the bank?
Oh I think Alan Bob needs to challenge you to a crank bait show down! Cheapest you can find at Walmart!

806 Anglers says:

Do a jig tip video

Matthew Byrd says:

I’d love to see you use a $5 academy glide bait

Christopher Harless says:

Love these videos yo! I’m not really a hard bait kind of guy but willing to try with this vid.

santiago hosie says:

Been loving these videos!!! Keep up the work! Can you make a video on how to fish a jig

Woods Bass Fishing says:

Nice video man, could you do me a solid and shoot me a dm on instagram, @woodsbassfishing ? I have a question for you and I want to send you some baits… thanks for your time!

Cory Gideon says:

Great video! Can you do a tip video on Pitching and Punching?

Aaron Fox says:

Good video. In particular the beginning where you have your bait box and go over the different ones you use and why.

Luis Rivas says:

Saludos muy buena pesca

William Hakes says:

I live in Northwest GA, can we get together and fish sometime???

Jacob Clark says:

Jerk baits ?

Gator Trav says:

Love the mid- diving bandit crankbaits this time of year, mostly clear water here in TN where I’m at, use natural colors . Great video sir, keep it up!!!

Clayton Jones says:

Can you please do a video on the Alabama rig?

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