How To Fish a Shaky Head – Bass Fishing Tips

This is how to fish a shaky for bass. In this video I give you some bass fishing tips on how to fish a shaky head! If you want more bass fishing tips or how to fish videos… Let me know!

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Chris Hanson says:

I notice you said you fish the Savannah river, do you fish any of the Savannah river chain lakess like Clark Hill if so it will be cool too a vid fishing there.

Tim Davis says:

Keep doing what your doing. Good videos

John Mann says:

What makes it a shaky head

Jamonta Franklin says:

Do more fishing in the boat

Evie Soto says:

Saltwater chick myself. …does it matter the color of bait?

John Olivarez says:

Demo bass pro trick sticks

Caliyak Fishing says:

I’m struggling with drop shot, keeps tangling up and twisting. I don’t want to use a swivel.

Bigger in Texas Fishing says:

I caught an 8lber fishing a 6th Sense 5/8 oz shaky head jig with a Smashtech Mag Crawler worm dragging shell beds in the middle of July in Texas! I don’t leave home without it. Awesome video man!

Caleb Holbert says:

It’s me again

Exceed14 says:

So I live in California and theirs a pond,I found in my local area that has muddy water with bass. So what kind of lures or plastic baits would I use?

ASP Productions says:

Can u do a frog tip vid and which color, type, and technique to use in certain spots

John Pearce says:

Fishing is cool, but are you trying to get a workout session in or nawl

Tim Holahan says:

When your next tournament? says:

seems like a solid summer technique…

Tbigguy 13 says:

Your welcome

Judd Nickell says:

Can you explain to me how a shaky head is any better than a simple Texas rig???

Bward fishing says:

What rod length/gear ratio do you use for this technique

RWA Fishing says:

How about a drop-shot video, that’s another good choice for finnicky bass, and much more usable in grass.


Please do one on jigs with a brshhog

JurassicJustin says:

Sounds like you prefer darker or more natural colors regardless of water clarity. As a kid I used a lot of white, chartreuse and pink. My PB bass was from a 6 inch purple body, pink tail plastic worm. Care to make a video exploring louder coloration or explaining when you feel they can be handy?

Bassanglers Anonymous says:

Damn bro ease up on the hook set they little guys, we all know your strong bro. Thanks for sharing the video. Those spot removers lose more fish than any other jig head. Stay up bro.

Gator Trav says:

What gear ratio is that concept?

Gaar Outdoors says:

Do a knot tying video

Miguel Martinez says:

lipless crankbait

Jamonta Franklin says:

Love your vids

Steve Pescitelli says:

# bringdadback #thererealdeal

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