How to Find Catfish in Winter – Best Fishing Tips to Catch More Catfish

This video is all about how to find catfish in winter. My best fishing tips to catch more catfish. Get out fishing this winter, because catfishing in the cold can be AWESOME. Big cats and big numbers.

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Michael Shotts says:

Thank you for these tips I’ll be going to try them out tomorrow

Data Quester says:

Cast net plus LM bass equals a fine n my world bro….GREAT vid!!

Jeff Baker says:

what kind of rods are you using? they look like zebco crappie rods but i am sure their not… although I have used those rods for eating size channel cats, tons of fun.

Michael Dob says:

Merry Christmas! A very cool vid as usual! I am impressed how patient your kids are;)

the goldfish guy says:

Do you have Facebook?

QC 62 says:

Boat and sonar help greatly, but no needed, holes, points, etc are all over just need to explore and see where day are holding, great video

seizure salad says:

Can you make a video about how to use those hair things for carp and how to set them up

J Burroughs says:

just like anchovies on your pizza

Nate James says:

Mam, really love the video and the advice. Gorgeous catfish…I would love to fish with him one weekend!!!

Keith Jacks says:

Awesome video, Luke. Your explanations of your talking points were impeccable. Great job! Let me know if you want to come down to Lynchburg, VA to fish!!

Potomac river angler says:

Hey have any of you fish the Potomac River

Sig Fishing says:

Hey can you maybe do a bass fishing video just to change things up

Sergeant Leper says:

I’ve been using your preferred method feeder rig for carp for a little while now and was wondering if you would showcase some other carp fishing tackle and rigging? Love the videos, you were what took me from being a carp fisherman to being a GOOD carp fisherman.

the goldfish guy says:


Adam Windham says:

This may be something you have already talked about before, but what kind of cast net do you use?

Cody Lindsey-Cyr says:

Can i plz fly out there and go fishing with you cody from ca

Shane Dunn says:

What lake is that

Freight Dawg says:

Awesome video!!!

OutskirtsOutdoorsTV says:

Great informational video Luke! But what do you do in a shallow ish pond?

Tonya Garza says:

i caught a 5 pound channel catfish and i thought that one was big but yours is way bigger

Tonya Garza says:

i do the same thing my hands will be covered in bait slime and blood and i still grab my food lol its not like its going to kill you

NeysoSports says:

Them gloves tho

Joseph Harrick Fishing says:

Dope video man!

Ken Hayes says:

I’ve heard tales of massive catfish above dams. Have you ever tried to catch any massive catfish above dams? In a river damed to make a lake that runs from 0 to 30 feet then drops to 60 in the main channel, would they tend to be on the bottom on the old channel or up on the ledge?

Jake Zachman says:

Butt ton

Rob Martin says:

one of the best instructional videos in a long time

martin tijerina says:

I really like your video, thumbs up on your strategy.

Simo´s fishing and adventure says:

This is a very good video! Surely hope to apply those tips to our climate. The cast net catch was awesome. Maybe you can do a video about what kind of monsters you can catch with the castnet?

John Carney says:

You coming to the catfish conference this year?

xdevilx86 says:

Winter? That ain’t winter

James McCloud says:

Excellent Video. I learned a lot of tips. Thank you.

Treborfoot says:

Do you have a video on how you set up your Humminbird fish finder? Mine is a DI model. Were you in DI or SI mode when shooting this video.

David Pence says:

I live in North Texas on the red River. I haven’t been fishing because I figured it wouldn’t be good in the winter. The river is hit or miss even in the summer time, bank fishing.

Megalodon Shark says:

What size circle hooks were you using in the vid? Also, I’ve got a lake near my house that house a good wintering hole in it. The only catch is all the catfish are really small channels. What size hooks should I use for these catfish?

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