How To Catch Fish When It’s TOUGH (Bass Fishing Tips)

In this bass fishing tips video I teach you how to catch fish when its tough. It can be very hard to get a bite when the fishing is tough. I show you multiple different ways to work your bait and the key baits to throw when the fishing is tough. Hope you all enjoy !

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Dane Conklin says:

Gotta love the dropshot, great tips brother

Art CMBDIA says:

do you find it difficult to fish with biceps that massive?!

Aaron Fox says:

Would appreciate a how- to video on the drop shot. Never have done a drop shop. Thanks

Orion Battige says:

Show me the drop shot!

Oompa Loompa says:

I’ve used a dropshot once in cali. It worked really well but I don’t know how to rig it up. Please make a vid on it

RWA Fishing says:

That tips video was so successful, you must have had scuba divers putting fish on the hook Lol!

Tyler Todd says:

Id love to see that video

TristenVS says:

What is the song you always use at the end

SE EN says:

Whats song is that at the end of the video

Tucker Greenfield says:

Show how you tie you braid to your leader line

Austin Larson says:

Can you wrap your boat the same as your truck?

Jason Chambers says:

Hook us up with a detailed drop shot vid

Joe Rodriguez says:

I’ve had no luck with drop shot, thank you so much for the info! Gonna try again for sure

Joe Rodriguez says:

#FISHWIZARD! magic boiiiii!

Nickyb 123 says:

Can you recommend me a good combo with 200 dollar price range

Utah Fishing says:


Cole Morris says:

Do you ever use flukes?

Zeth Mcgowin says:

Do it

B.J. Harris says:

nice bro another great video and I love it when you do these tips and trick videos and it helps me out a lot sir so thanks and appreciate it can’t wait to see more sir says:

“tough” would be an understatement for me…

wolfpack 1020 says:

Do a fluke video plz. I love the flukes i catch a bunch on it but i want to perfect it.

Nancy Lockhart says:

Love the vids

The Angler Jake says:

You need to get up here on Lanier and get into some of this fall topwater bite. They finally turned on this week. Sweet video man, keep grinding brother.

Jose Gutierrez says:

What kind of hook and what size for drop shot is recommended?
Keep It up with the tips though it helps!!

Lalo Urena says:

Do a live bait challenge

That_Kid_From_ Wallmart says:

Hey srry i missed the upload but nice

Austin Larson says:

#fishwizard #juicylemonpepper

Steve Pescitelli says:

# bringdadback #therealdeal

Jersey Joel Fishing says:

Thanks for the tips on the drop shot I need to try a drop shot more…..I use the wacky worm mostly and get most of my strikes on the fall after I cast. Drop shot would be similar in that it is positioned in the middle of the depth above the bottom.

Garrett Jose says:

What length is that rod?

J T says:

Hey any way u can do a video on which you think might be beast of these two rods out of these 13fishing omen heavy, or envy heavy should I get only one at this time it would be my flipping pitching topwater and al rig rod what u think explain power from others to thanks

SixPackBass says:

What rod/reel setup are you using in this video?

Joe Rodriguez says:

Love it bro! Learned a lot thank you! !!!

Travis Horton says:

Once saw a spawning female 12+ pounder try to eat the 3 lb bass I was reeling in. Was crazy

Steven Aiken says:

#fishwizard hookup that drop shot set up and tips vid

Nick&Aidan Outdoors says:

Very helpful can you do a tip video on your boat! Please!!!

E. P. says:

Recently I got back into bass fishing and have learned a ton of new techniques thanks to your videos. Keep up the hard work man you are killing it!

brj07 says:

Drop shot is my go to confidence method. Learned a new technique with this video. Thank you. Can’t wait to try it out.

Cory Gideon says:

One of my favorite techniques, but still having trouble with fishing it from shore. Please do a vid on Drop Shot. Great video!

Also, do you have tips for fishing large (5″+) swimbaits?

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