How to Catch Crappie in the Summer – Lake Fishing Tips, Secrets

Crappie fishing tips and techniques for summer lake fishing. Hope these tips help. Below are some main points for summer crappie fishing:
1. Crappie fish around structure (submerged trees, bridge pillars, and docks)
2. Suspend bait in mid water column moving bait up and down to locate the depth of the fish. Never fish on the bottom or at the surface.
3. Always use minnows and jigs to increase your odds
4. Replace dead minnows immediately. The livelier the minnow the better.
5. Use 4lb monofilament line. Too thick of line and you’ll lose bites
6. Change locations within 10 minutes if your not having luck

Thanks for watching and Good Luck fishing!


jamani1086 says:

good info zack

Tony Thao says:

I use 14 pounds of line is that okay because where I fish there’s alot of crappie

The Bass Master says:

Awesome video thanks for the tips

braveboynation boy says:

nice video

Mark Ayers says:

Great instructional video, I subscribed. Going to try this tomorrow in a couple lakes tomorrow. What’s the best way to catch your own minnows?

Ronald Phillips says:

Good video. What are your thoughts of using yellow 4 pound test”? How did you learn so much? Thanks

Fishing For The Rest Of Us says:

Nice crappie. Tight lines bud!

raWr Fishing says:

good job on the crappies

Fer L. says:

You are very engaging, I sat through your vid with ease. Great editing and tips.

Richard Hicks says:

so, they can see the line but not the hook?

Mark Carnes says:

Great Video Looks like you are on LOTO. Love fishing there

Cheddar Head Fishing says:

when you are fishing summer at night you can use a floating jig head and a minnow (when they are eating insects off the surface)

Eli Latendresse says:

I’ve recognized some of the locations you fish at and they are near Kansas City I like in lees summit Missouri right by Kc there is a really good gar spot you should try

Lejon Leonard says:

crappie want cold water,must go deep in summer.

unknown cfv says:

im hoping to go fishing this weekend wouls you recommend fishing in rondeau without a boat? i just do shore fishing as we dont own a boat would like to hear your thoughts

txhypnotist says:

Outstanding instructional Video.
One of the best that I’ve seen so far. No one has given such details as you have. Really appreciate the details which make’s fishing best for everyone.

Check out Darcy’s fishing video’s on here, she rocks.

Redneck Kid says:

I catch my crappie by rocks with a bluegill jig

jolly gangster says:

I subed

Steven Nash says:

Those are small crappie. Anything under one pound needs to be put back to grow for next year. Any pregnant female needs to be let go as well.

Victor L. Fazio III says:

Good video dude. Didn’t hit the skip once!

jolly gangster says:

Can u mention me in next video

EatnLunch says:

I need to get back on some Crappies. Lately I’ve been all caught up in Catfishing, but my freezer stock of Crappie is almost depleted!

Foothills Crafted says:

Great crappie tips. I’d use a smaller, lighter hook for the minnow rig but I can’t argue with your results!

Thanks for posting, keep ’em coming!

Christine and Shane Childers Meek says:

i used 15 lb. test line and caught 21 crappies

imp PerlerArt says:

This actually helped out a lot. I was wondering what I’ve been doing wrong. Thanks for the awesome info

J's gamefowl says:

good video keep up the good work

Daniel Guadian says:

Great video Sonny… had some great tips, and your presentation was SUPERB…..alot of other you tubers could learn from your style…..

switchblade jim says:

Great vid, awesome tips. What size j hook did you use? Thanks.

Michael Harris says:

Good Job GOD Bless

Moondog9322 says:

Your videos keep getting better and better. I’ll try your techniques tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

mohamed abdou says:

Good vid. Great tips lots, many and much of thanx from Ontario, Canada.

The Mamba says:

I’d like to chime in here. First, the test line. I use 4lb test and 1/32 once jig head sickle hook on bridge pillars and smoke em. I also use a split shot #4 water gremlin brand 8″ above a #2 aberdeen sickle hook on hi-vis 6lb test line and smoke em with a minnow … I have no issues catching fish. Crappie will run from your human scent more so than line test. If you smoke or your hands are dirty, be sure to use some type of scent before baiting your hook. Hooking thru head be ready to set the hook quick. Hook them thru the tail and when your bobber goes down, you will have more time to set the hook. Also, they do hit dead minnows. Some days they will hit a dead one more so than a live kicking one.

Alaska Mike says:

Well done young man. Excellent video and some great tips, thanks for the show.

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