How to catch catfish in Summer – catfishing tips

How to catch catfish in the Summer. Catfishing tips. fishing for catfish in the summer. How to catch catfish with shad. Catfishing for catfish with my son Nathan.

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J.B.M J.B.M says:

Great Video thank you!! Not sure if you have one already, but I was just wondering if you could do a vid of how to clean a cat fish? Thanks Again!!

ismail md says:


Junk smasher says:

I love that boat

stitch16261 says:

Does the heat,humidity, and the warm water effect Catfish biting.. I live in VA.

Becky R Ward says:

I love catfish

Kenny Weekes says:

Luke; I thoroughly enjoy your fishing videos especially when Tommy & Nathan are along keeping you in line, no pun intended. It’s surprising that at 73, I find myself picking up several tips that make my fish outings all the more enjoyable. Thank you.

zog noty says:

same tips apply to chanel cat ?

Senko Skipper says:

this is so helpful. Catfish and Carp for the win! Erin and I are going to try and catch some cats on the Potomac this weekend.

Cartrite765 says:

Yesterday my dad caught a 37 lb Chanel catfish

Tibor Janik says:


Parker Mehlhoff says:


Austin Ishmael says:

The thumbnail of that catfish is cute, I love them

Brandon Nash says:

good times! love your channel. keep em coming.

sam stefanski says:

my kids hate fishing

Vanessa Builtron says:


Tibor Janik says:

what a good video and little buddy made it all the better

Will Luu says:

my bait knife is cleaned after each use and stored with my kitchen knives so I always no it will be clean when I use it

Jonathan Howard says:

I’ve been wanting to know if you eat the carp you catch

Bass master JR says:

Do u ever catch bass on live bait

Steven Torres says:

Fishing Friday night From

Charlie says:

I thought during the summertime all the fish would stay shallow during the day due to the thermocline? In the past a lot of my fish died on trotlines during the summer and I couldn’t figure out why until I learned about the thermocline and started fishing shallower and checking my trotline more often. So why do they stay deep in the heat of the day?

Ghostly Yoshi says:

I’ve only been catfishing once and it was great. The only thing I didn’t like was forgetting my hat.

Eldin Kandzetovic says:

so 7 and 8am is a good time to go in the morning ?

CavemanJoe says:

Find Nathan some kids’ polarized sunglasses and a hat. I remember being a kid on a boat, the lifejacket is uncomfortable, but those things really help.

Kenneth Frese says:

Where in VA are you? I am in Fairfax, and have pulled some monsters from the Potomac.

matt atherton says:

I tried fishing yesterday and used my deeper fishfinder to find spots that were alittle deep (at least 7 but the pond slopes so fast it goes from ~3 ft to 10 feet deep in 5 feet horizontally) and didn’t have too much weeds on the bottom. I moved every 15 min. I actually somehow got a bass to bite cutbait (shad that I found dead the day before, still fresh, not smelly) and got one quick hit from what I assume was a catfish and never got bit again. fished for around 2hours.

Nick Redman says:

i don’t have shad in my lake

Luis Fidencio production says:

what bait did you use

outdoors explores says:

that’s big what type of bait should I us for a river

airplane george says:

obviously those were not fire ants.

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