Found A New Secret Pond With Nice Fish! Late-Fall Fishing Tips

In this episode of TRF, my buddy and I explore a new secret pond we found, and catch some nice fish on several tactics! I explain every thought process I had when out on the water, and hopefully y’all learn a few things about late-fall fishing! Thanks for watching and please Subscribe!

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Bruno Govea says:

Great video!!! I really like that u take time at the end to show us what you used and how u used it. I think that’s great!

Bass Fisher of Men says:

Great vid and vlog.

Clay Poole says:

Good video!

405tinyboat Zac Cunningham says:

Do a video on top 5 baits for Hydrilla

Tim Scarff says:

Be honest, did you find it or get told about it? I live in northern michigan where there are so many bodies of water you have to find the good ones. Just curious

Fisher Peterson says:


Brock Uhlir says:

Tyler please do an umbrella rig train video

Nathan Peterson says:

Nicely done!

Homi Update says:

so cool

Jeff Goff says:

Thanks for the video Tyler!

TheCrazySportsGuys says:

love tactical basin, see u commenting on their vids allthe time lol

Keaton Curd says:

another great video Tyler

Adrian Marquez says:

First Like Tyler

Jack Craddock says:

great video as always great job; can i get a reply for my bday

DarkSkittlz says:

So weird you like fishing hydrilla so much. The bass at my local lake seem to hate it, I can never catch them around it.

Josh Morrison says:

Love the vids I’ve been watching u a pretty long while lol would love to fish and meet u one day u have taught me so much and I deserve a ton more subs

The BigFatTaco says:


Alec Barrett says:

6:40 when lew’s needs to take there bait casting rep to spinning reels!

No Thanks says:

Kayaks are all the rage for bass fishing these days, BUT it is much more difficult to set the hook in one. Hate if you want, it’s the truth!

Flip'n Fish'n With Owen R says:

I loved the video, I also know of some secret may- July secret Maine bass spots, you should come up and fish with me

ReelingWith Redding says:

Can you do some frog videos!

MR. Top Water King says:

Last cast never really means last cast lol

James Shiels says:


CtYakFishin says:

Great video. What model ascend kayak are you using in this video? Thanks

30 Min Fisherman says:

Good video Tyler thanks and I am going to get some of those miyagi swimmers looks like a good bait

Hayden Sargent says:

You should make “A fish is a fish no matter what” shirt

Texas inshore Angler says:

You should go fishing for redfish in your kayak that would be a good video

net fishing daily says:

i like video

Joe Hoepfner says:

Tyler is the only one who teaches fishing now a days

Three bros says:

great vid

Money Bass says:

Good things happen with frogs.
*Catching Bass for Cash*

Jack Middlebrook says:

When I say last cast I throw until I’m told to or until I catch a fish

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